Take action to end human trafficking in Nevada
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Take action to end human trafficking in Nevada

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      Polaris Project

May 2011


In a state with some of the highest prostitution and sex trafficking rates in the country, Nevada lawmakers have voted to allow women forced or coerced into prostitution to expunge convictions from their record. This is a hugely important step for women working to rebuild their lives after trafficking, as it allows them to secure good employment and helps prevent re-trafficking.

Congratulations to the Polaris Project, who intiatited and led the advocacy for this campaign, and to the 1600 Change.org members who supported them.

The Nevada General Assembly is considering legislation to help combat human trafficking, and your help is needed! A critical bill to help victims of sex trafficking to restart their lives has just passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee, and we need to keep the momentum going.

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world. Traffickers reap billions in profits by using force, fraud or coercion to rob victims of their freedom through labor or commercial sex. Experts estimate that there are a minimum of approximately 5,100 to 60,500 people trafficked into and within the U.S. each year and an estimated 100,000 American children who are prostituted within the U.S. each year -- a brutal form of human trafficking.

In Nevada, victims of sex trafficking and involuntary servitude include US citizens, foreign nationals, minors and adults. Traffickers and pimps force and coerce victims into commercial sex, and require them to meet a daily quota or be subjected to additional abuse or torture. Victims are often forced to provide commercial sex in massage parlors, brothels operated in residential homes, and on the street where pimps control and sell victims for sex. Victims are commonly advertised on internet sites like Backpage.com and sold to many men in a single night in hotels or motels or at truck stops.

This brutal crime is happening in Nevada – but you can help to combat it by taking action now. Critical legislation, AB6, which will help victims of sex trafficking, has just passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee and will now head to the full floor for a vote.  Your help is needed to ensure its passage!

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    5. Pimp busted for moving women from as far as S. Dakota and Minnesota to Vegas. Time for better laws.

    6. Yikes! Nevada took last place in quality healthcare for kids, and lack of proper health care can put kids at risk for trafficking. Maybe it's time to get some better laws!

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      The state of Nevada is home to "Sin City" Las Vegas, several counties with the only legal brothels in the U.S., and a significant human trafficking problem. Child sex trafficking is especially high in Nevada, as Las Vegas is often a destination for...

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    • Richard Sands SOUTHGATE, MI
      • about 3 years ago

      I really would like to see this post, reposted, repeated and shared by everyone who visits my wall or finds this on his or her wall... I will indeed keep this at the top of my list each and every day until I know that everybody understands that, "more than four-fifths of the confirmed victims of sex trafficking - about 83 percent – were (are indeed) U.S. citizens,..." is a fact.


    • Hazel Hunter SATSUMA, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      Adoption agencys,Schools,any adoption org.None of these are regulated and are tax free,that gives the baby trafficking worse especially for those that adopt babys for their own selfish desires of their own not for the babys interest,a baby can't speak but us mothers of loss to adoption can,the truth must be told,the adoptors are just ading fuel to the fire when they buy a mothers baby that does not belong to her.The100 yr old law should be long and buried by now,everyone should have the human rights to have a birthcertificate,their medical history,and their very idenitys taken and rewritten as the adoptor sees fit to make it look as though she delivered the baby,thats why they are taken right after birth,mothers are made to sign the famous papers that of course the mother still recooperating is forced or threatened to make them pay the hospital bill or they cannot have their baby,they have many ways,it is not the honorable thing to do as once thought,it's illegal practice that makes billions,they are being investigated,soon Pandora's evil box will open,Russia already did it to their boarders,no more buying and selling human infants in Russia,I suugest along with millions of all walks of life that we should stop adoption period.

    • Sue Balcirak SANFORD, MI, MI
      • about 3 years ago

      Please consider that each person is an individual, a human being, a life with thought, feelings, heart. Please rescue these stolen lives!!!

      Human life is being treated far worse than animal life has ever been treated, all for the sake of money. It is wrong! Please do all you can to end human trafficking in your state.

      ~Sue Balcirak

    • Sanders Woodard HONESDALE, VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S.
      • over 3 years ago

      I thought there was a more imperitive issue, human trafficking of children or minors for sex became most imperitive issue to me today.

    • Gina Taylor TUCSON
      • over 3 years ago

      Please help these children by helping in passing these bills. Imagine if you had a child who was sex trafficked and got punished for it by the law. There's a huge difference between chosen prostitution and doing it for fear of being murdered by the sex trafficker that enslaves them. Aside from passing these bills you should help institute a plan for victims to safely admit that they are actually victims of sex trafficking and institute a way to investigate whether these prostitutes are actually victims or doing it by choice. Please do the most morally correct thing possible to help. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Best of wishes to your friends and family.


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