Save Li Yan from execution
  • Petitioned Supreme People's Court, President Wang Shengjun Yuanzhang,

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Supreme People's Court, President Wang Shengjun Yuanzhang,

Save Li Yan from execution

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      Amnesty International Australia

Li Yan is on death row in China for murdering her husband after suffering repeated, horrific abuse at his hands. She could be executed some time before Chinese New Year on 10 February.

Li Yan's husband beat her frequently, locked her on the balcony outside in the freezing winter with little clothing, and tortured her by burning cigarettes into her face. He even cut off one of her fingers. She repeatedly pleaded with police for protection, but they did nothing.

Finally, one day she returned violence with violence. In November 2010, to stop him from beating her, she repeatedly hit him over the head with a gun.

Call on the Chinese authorities not to execute Li Yan

No country should execute people -- it’s the ultimate violation of human rights. But the abuse suffered by Li Yan makes her sentence seem especially inhumane. By saving Li Yan’s life, the Chinese government can show that they take domestic violence seriously.

Add your name to our petition and we'll send the updated names via fax to the Chinese authorities every day between 1 and 10 February.

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