Reject any plans for privatisation.
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Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

Reject any plans for privatisation.

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      Working For Queenslanders

Privatisation is the handing over of government services to non-government service providers. 

The supposedly ‘independent’ Costello report has wide-ranging recommendations for privatisation of health services, disability services, child protection, schools, and prisons.

This document is not a blueprint for Queensland’s future, it’s a recipe for destruction. It represents an ideological goal of hollowed-out public services, job losses, less accountability to the public, and massive economic pain.

In countries like the United Kingdom, privatisation has been a recipe for worse services, lower wages, and less access for those most in need.

Privatisation of public services means: 
• No accountability for when service delivery goes wrong.
• No say for the community in the management of local hospitals, prisons or schools.
• Cost-cutting and job losses. 
 Fewer services for people in need.
• Less access to services that regional families rely on.
• Less support for hospital patients, the elderly, the sick, and those in need.
• Private companies running our prisons for a profit.
• Schools that are run to focus on budgets and not the interests of the local community.

Campbell Newman promised that there would be no privatisation of Queensland assets ‘without a mandate’ but his government is now trying to back away from that promise.

We are saying to Campbell Newman: no privatisation, not now, not ever. Keep Queensland’s services public and accountable. Let's keep it for Queenslanders.

Tweet to @theqldpremier today or send him a message on Facebook – and after you’ve done that, sign up to the Working for Queenslanders movement to help spread our message further.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman
Queenslanders want a plan for to build a better Queensland, and are calling on you to listen to the community and reject any plans for privatisation.

We want you to produce a real plan for quality services so Queenslanders can access services no matter where they live or how much they earn.

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    1. So-called "public meetings" are not listening to the voice of Queenslanders

      The Treasurer's so-called "public meetings" are not occasions where the voice of Queenslanders is being heard - particularly when there are no meetings in Rockhampton or Mackay.

      Qld Treasurer defends public meetings on asset sales

      Updated April 10, 2014 08:28:50 Treasurer Tim Nicholls says all Queenslanders will have a say in possible State Government asset sales, even though there will be no public meetings in Rockhampton or Mackay. The two cities will miss out on a series of so-called town hall-style meetings, although there will be invitation-only roundtables with community leaders.

    2. Reached 12,500 signatures
    3. Federal encouragement for privatisation of Queensland assets

      What do you think, should the Federal government be encouraging the Newman government to sell our assets?

      This year, we've seen the Newman government move forward with its privatisation plans, through contestability in hospitals and across the public sector.

      Queenslanders want to keep public services in public hands, but the Newman government, and now the Abbott government refuse to listen.

      Sign and SHARE this petition to grow the voice for strong public services not sold off services.

      Billion dollar incentive for Queensland government to sell assets

      Queensland Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls says the government will take into account the tax incentive when considering any asset sales. Photo: Glenn Hunt Selling Queensland's assets now comes with a billion dollar incentive. The federal government has dangled tax incentives, potentially worth billions of dollars, in front of the states in exchange for asset sales, with the money from that being pumped into job-creating infrastructure.

    4. No privatisation -- Communities taking control of services once again.

      Stumbling Serco beware: there are alternatives to outsourcing

      Earlier this month, the Serious Fraud Office started a formal criminal investigation into Serco and G4S, who are accused of overcharging for electronic tagging contracts. Today, Serco issued a profit warning: recent scandals appear to be hitting its bottom line.

    5. Reached 10,000 signatures
    6. Our Purpose

      What will build a better Queensland?

      Working for Queenslanders supporters have been contributing to a better future for Queensland. Someone has to – because the government agenda continues to hurt our communities.

      Your involvement and survey feedback have also been building ideas about what is important for a better Queensland.

      The Working for Queenslanders Purpose Statement is the result: a foundation to unite us and principles to guide our actions.

      It’s not final yet; its needs your comment and endorsement.

      Have your say and help set our united vision.

      Our Purpose

      Working for Queenslanders supporters have been contributing to a better future for Queensland. Someone has to - because the government agenda continues to hurt our communities.

    7. Supporters like you are stepping up for Queensland.

      Thanks to everybody that is signing our petition and helping to grow our movement for quality services. Already, hundreds of volunteers have committed to spread the word by coming to community forums, talking to their MP and letterboxing their local area. You can join them and continue to spread the word by downloading some of our flyers.

      We know the Queensland community is with us in this fight against privatisation, let's get out there and talk about why quality services matter. Let's keep it up.

      A better Queensland. It starts with us.

      Take Action

      Queenslanders are already taking action for quality services in their local community. Queenslanders understand that privatisation will mean services that cost more for their families and equal reduced services when they need them.

    8. Reached 9,000 signatures
    9. Survey results and what's next

      Thank you to everybody that is sharing this petition and ensuring our voice against privatisation grows. The government now knows it can't talk about privatisation, but it is still pressing ahead with privatisation plans by another name.

      We've just completed our survey on this and wanted to talk about how we are moving to the next steps in this campaign, how our movement is going beyond the keyboard and shaking up the conversation here in Queensland by local actions and forums. There's more to come, but, with you, we can win.

      Onto the next step

      In Tim Nicholls' budget on Tuesday, Queenslanders heard this government commit to improve our services. He talked about "accessible, quality services" (in a budget that increases cost of living) and chose not to mention his government's privatisation agenda in his delivery.

    10. Reached 8,000 signatures
    11. There's 4000 more

      Great news. On top of hitting 22,000 online we've got 4000 signatures from supporters talking to people and getting people to sign calling on Premier Campbell Newman to reject privatisation. Let's keep it going, it's great to see the activity online, but also that people are getting beyond the keyboard for quality services for all Queenslanders.

    12. Reached 7,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Francesco De Losa AUSTRALIA
      • about 8 hours ago

      We have sold too many of our assets already, it has got to stop

    • val somerville TARA, AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      I live in qld and I am very concerned about the actions of government which I do not see as being in the interests of Queenslanders.

    • Helen Evans AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      Government assets belong to the people and just need to cover costs. Once these assets are in private hands the focus goes from service to many to profit for a few, The community are not even given shares. Politicians should not be able to sell assets without the permission of the people, via referendum. Analogy - "you don't sell your house to pay your phone bill"

    • Catherine Evans AUSTRALIA
      • 2 days ago

      History has shown that privatisation leads to less efficient, more expensive services. Companies are self serving they only buy a business to make money, if that means slashing jobs, cutting corners and charging more, they do....they are self serving and if the government feels a profit can be made without doing this then the government should hire someone who will improve the business, and make a profit through expansion not demolition. Our society is a community not a business and we need someone who will manage it and work with the community not strip it and sell it off because they want their budget to look good. Doing a good job with the budget is delegating the money and making hard decisions to make it work rather than selling assets and saying look how good I am I made money. For all the economist lets remind you your assets are limited wants are unlimited... sell off all our assets and what do we have left for future generations. Our governments are caretakers not auctioneers for the sale of our community

    • Dave Peter AUSTRALIA
      • 2 days ago

      I don't believe privatisation is good for Queensland.


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