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Pr.Min. Shinawatra, Thailand; Pope Francis; Mnsgr. Palma, Cebu, Philippines: Stop encouraging elephant deaths by giving ivory amulets for donations

    1. Cea Hearth
    2. Petition by

      Cea Hearth

      San Francisco, CA


Pr. Min. Yingluck Shinawatra, Pope Francis, and Msgnr. Jose S. Palma, Cebu, Philippines;

          Please stop encouraging elephant deaths by giving ivory amulets/statuary for donations--don't say that your country has made ivory-trading illegal and that fixes everything--the Church needs to stop using ivory objects of any kind.  As long as there is market for it, innocent elephants die to satisfy that demand. China boasts a national "Zero Tolerance" for illegal ivory, and yet they are the world's greatest users of ivory today--a flourishing Black Market there!  As long as churches make money from use of ivory, they are literally taking "blood money."  Who can begin to make this "okay" in all conscience?  It makes me ill to think the churches can sink to such a level--all for a buck!  The betrayal of core values it blatantly displays is despicable.  Be, as you should be--part of the solution and lead us aright by your good example. In fairness, much good is done by our churches (and all the World Religions), but when they do the opposite of what their own teachings prescribe, self- correction is in order!  Don't pretend to be perfect--leave perfection to the Divine!  Please stop any "religious" use of ivory, for there can be no such thing.  The Divine gave tusks to the elephants that they should survive the better, not that humans should kill them illegally for it!  Please help--don't pretend you do not "see!"                                                 Across the globe, China, Japan, Thailand, Egypt. the Philippines--Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Coptic Christians--all exchange ivory for fund-raising with amulets, trinkets and statuary. Obviously this enflames the ivory-trade and lends it the sham respectability of the church! So-called "religious use of ivory" is a major cause of illegal elephant poaching. Does the Roman Catholic Church really need any more bad press? 

The Catholic catechism states, "It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly." Thailand and elephants have long had a deep love and cultural bond of richness. As powerful religious leaders, you have the opportunity to reduce the poaching of innocent elephants. You could educate your congregations thus:  We have been made aware of the plight of the elephant, and in our deep compassion and concern for the good husbandry of God's creation, we now offer our Divine statuary in stone, metal, and other alloys. Explain that God's mission cannot prosper on “blood money”, and that all will be more fully blessed by purchasing subsequent statuary that does not involve illegal killing. You can explain that Jesus, Mary and the saints do not prefer one substance over the other for their images. Certainly, they abhor the killing of defenseless animals in Their holy names! A well-placed press-release on the matter will do the church good--it will also be a beacon for the other world religions to follow! I hope you see the opportunity you have for benevolent world leadership--and, that you will take it!   We will all be uplifted by your leading the way!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Please help--don't pretend you do not "see!"   

Cea T. Hearth, Founder, SEE--Save Endangered Elephants.Org

For more info, read the October issue of 2012, National Geographic, among other on-line sources. You will not believe what the Monsignor Garcia instructs tourists to do to smuggle illegal ivory into their countries. Please help--one signature means so much!

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    1. Givelocity Elephant Fund-raising Effort off the Ground!

      Cea Hearth
      Petition Organiser

      Dear Signers!
      Thanks to those who have redirected $3 or more per month to Givelocity.Org, Elephant Neighborhood! Admittedly, it's a rather slow start, but $39 dollars has gone to SF's March for Elephants so far! Not a lot, but monthly it adds up! What we need is more of us to sign up and give just a bit! Then vote for the elephant charity of your choice. There are 9 to choose from and each is a top-rated organization, verified by me, personally. (You can verify the organization for yourself by going to any of the charitable organization evaluators on-line.)

      It is great to sign the myriad petitions and join the fight that way. Also, it is great to give even a little money monthly to finance what needs doin'! For example, work in China to educate the people who believe widely that a tusk is a tooth and can be regrown! ( The Chinese calligraphy symbol is the same for both!) WildAid, one of the orgs. in the Givelocity's Elephant Neighborhood, makes videos and ad-spots featuring Jackie Chan and basketball star, Yao Ming, to help this misconception. Check it out! They're doing what needs to be done where it needs to be done! Lately Obama has made another proclamation to outlaw all ivory sales in the US--this is grand and not to be declaimed, but China is the number one user of ivory in the world, followed by the other Asian countries and the Philippines. If the only ivory sold were in the US, the elephants could take that hit--but it's the Asian markets that are fueling the poaching trade right now! The publicity and education needs to be there in ever greater quantities! Organizations like World Wildlife Fund and WildAid do just that! Let's help them!

      Also BigLife, an organization who helps battle the poachers and protect the elephants in their habitat (Tanzania and Kenya) has just expanded the area they patrol, thanks to donations. Let's join them! March For Elephants, stateside, is busy publicizing the upcoming World Elephant and Rhino March October 4, 2014, to be held in cities around the world. Let's join them with our attendance and with our $3/mo if possible! Please visit Givelocity.Com and the Elephant Neighborhood, administered by me! I have put together the Elephant Neighborhood with love and good wishes! Please check it out and join if you can! If you need help joining, they will help or see the directions on the last update (June 5, 2014.) Credit cards from other countries are accepted! Help turn the tide in the Elephant's survival--we are making a difference with our signatures, our voices and our dollars! Thanks so much for taking a look!

      In Their Behalf,


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    2. Reached 3,000 signatures
    3. Elephants Gain Support Around the World!

      Cea Hearth
      Petition Organiser

      Dear Signers!
      There are actually as many positive elephant stories in the news lately as news of more poaching! All in good time! The pendulum is swinging back toward the positive for pachyderms! The U.S. is set to burn its tonnage of ivory next week, a petition put out by WWF to Congress concerning wildlife protection and 40 cities took part in an international march for elephant survival last month (October 4, coincidentally St. Francis Day--the Patron St. of Animals!) There were 400 in San Francisco alone and petitions were signed to State and Federal to strengthen the banning of ivory sales in these United States.
      Of course there is still much to do, yet we are many and we're on the way!
      If you haven't signed, you can look up the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) petition to U.S. congress: Act Now to Save Wild Elephants. Reminding Obama of his pledges in July past to start a Presidential Task Force on Endangered Animals and to give $10M to the cause can't hurt!

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    • Shirley Dawkins STANLEY, NC
      • about 1 month ago

      Please stop giving donations of amulets of ivory. Ivory should stay with our Elephants. Stop killing them.

      • about 1 month ago

      Ivory should never be traded in any form. It will cause the extinction of an animal.

    • formolo teresa CARNIERES, CO
      • about 1 month ago


    • cathryn Levvey MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 month ago

      Please stop using ivory for anything!!

    • elham hosseini BODø, NORWAY
      • about 1 month ago

      Pr.Min. Shinawatra, Thailand; Pope Francis; Mnsgr. Palma, Cebu, Philippines: Stop encouraging elephant deaths by giving ivory amulets for donations


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