Hawaii: Urge the Governor to Support Legislation that Would Criminalize Labor Trafficking!

Hawaii: Urge the Governor to Support Legislation that Would Criminalize Labor Trafficking!

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Yesterday, a second suspect pleaded guilty in the largest human trafficking case in the history of the United States, which involved the labor trafficking of more than 400 victims from Thailand in Hawaii. The suspect confessed to confiscating victims’ passports, and was accused of promising the Thai workers lucrative jobs in the United States, charging them high fees for this service, and then forcing them to work at Maui Pineapple Farm. The workers were held in a debt bondage situation, scared of losing their homes, threatened with deportation, and faced increasing debt that they could not pay off. 

This case is just one example of why Hawaii, currently one of only four states with no law against human trafficking, needs a change in legislation. This could be happening soon - the Hawaii State Legislature has just passed two anti-human trafficking bills, HB141 and HB240. These bills will be making their way to the Governor’s desk and your support is needed to urge him to sign these bills into law!

These critical pieces of legislation have passed the Hawaii State Legislature and are now awaiting the Governor’s signature.  Please take action to ensure that HB 141 and HB 240 become law! 


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    • Susan Hesse ALBANY, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      Human trafficing should have ended centuries ago--but since it hasn't, the struggle must continue until there is no human slavery--which is what human trafficing is. Women provide most of the unpaid labor in the U.S. When women ARE paid, it's less than what men would get for the same work. As a result, many women and children get caught in the "net" of human trafficing. Lives and families are decimated by it.

    • Barbara Chally SUNRISE BEACH, MO
      • about 3 years ago

      Having lived on Oahu myself for a few years, I care about this state and the people there. Please heed this need for legislation.


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