Hawaii: Urge State Senators to Support Legislation that would Criminalize Labor Trafficking!

Hawaii: Urge State Senators to Support Legislation that would Criminalize Labor Trafficking!

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Hawaii is one of only four states with no law against human trafficking! Hawaii was recently home to the largest human trafficking case in the history of the United States which involved the labor trafficking of more than 600 victims from Thailand. While there is a groundswell of support for ending human trafficking in the U.S., more must be done at the state level. Your help is needed in order to ensure that the labor trafficking bill will be heard before the deadline next Thursday, March 31, 2011. 

Every year, human traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits by victimizing thousands of people here in the United States and human trafficking is considered to be one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world. In 2010 alone, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline received more than 11,000 calls. Human trafficking is a brutal crime that lurks in the shadows and thrives on secrecy and isolation of victims. Victims of human trafficking face a horrific life in which they are threatened, beaten, raped, starved, locked up, or psychologically manipulated- all for the financial profit of traffickers. 

HB 1003 – Labor Trafficking Criminalization

Status: The labor trafficking bill was recently resurrected as an amendment to HB1003. It is currently pending in the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee and: It will criminalize labor trafficking, the non-payment of wages, and unlawful conduct with respect to identification documents.  It establishes labor trafficking as a crime in which assets are subject to forfeiture.  The amended bill will provide restitution to victims of labor trafficking.

The only way this bill will advance is if legislators hear a strong message from their Hawaii constituents to pass this bill. More information on the bill can be found here. Please take action to ensure that anti-human trafficking legislation advances!


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    2. The Labor Trafficking Bill was passed in both the House and Senate. The bills will now head to Conference Committee where members of both chambers will meet to discuss what the final version of the bill should look like.

      Please contact your Representative and Senator and urge him or her to support HB141 and SB1025!

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    • L M PINE, AZ
      • about 3 years ago

      Thank you.

    • Eric Stordahl MARQUETTE, MI
      • over 3 years ago

      As a former resident of Hawaii (20 years) and a current resident of Thailand, I support all efforts to stamp out human trafficking in Hawaii and other states.


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