Free killer whales from  captivity: Help free killer whales in captivity!!
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free killer whales from seaworld and captivity

Free killer whales from captivity: Help free killer whales in captivity!!

    1. zoe alder
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      zoe alder

      cardiff, United Kingdom

because killer whales are suffering in tanks for profit! killer whales are being ripped from there pods at early ages to become clowns for are amsument.  kshamenk and lolita are being kept alone in tiny tanks, suffering for nothing! while others are being forced into pods with other whales they don't get alot with. They  die years before they should some are lucky enough to live into there late thirties and fortys while others die in there teens. please help these poor animals to live there lifes the way they should free in  open oceans with there familys. please help! x thank you x

free killer whales from seaworld and captivity
Help free killer whales in captivity!

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    2. Vicky the orca calf has died in captivtiy

      zoe alder
      Petition Organiser

      the young orca calf vicky lost her life on june 13th this year, it was reported that the young girl was quite ill and sadly now has lost her life! R.I.P vicky

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    4. poor Lolita has been living in this tank for 41 years!

      zoe alder
      Petition Organiser


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    6. R.I.P Oscar died at kamogawa seaworld just aged 26!

      zoe alder
      Petition Organiser
      Translation into english
      Discontinuation exhibition and performance reporting and comments about orca killer whale Oscar

      (Oscar nickname) I ended his life on Thursday, December 20, orca, which has been kept in the hotel.
      Oscar, but has continued to determined to treatment and poor health behaviors become sluggish appetite is reduced from Friday, December 14,
      15 minutes (Thu) 18:00, December 20, treatment of hard We have not killed extends.

      Along with this, today, we have to stop the performance and all-day exhibition of killer whales.
      I can not visit the restaurant from the ocean.
      Want to humbly thank your understanding We apologize the inconvenience to you.

      Oscar is transported from Iceland in March 1988, we have contributed significantly to the breeding and exhibition of killer whales in Kamogawa Sea World.


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    • Charles Millet NEW ROCHELLE, NY
      • 2 days ago

      It's inhumane to force these creatures to live in such tight spaces, with other whales that didn't grow up with them and are dangerous to each other. These are living beings that have rights and are not meant to be restrained in such living circumstances for us to "admire". They belong to this world just like us and should be restored to their families and respected. They clearly have highly developed emotional capacity and have proven so on multiple occasions. WHY?? so a few people can make some money!! This is our world. We made it, let's undo it!

    • kellee monachello LAUGHLIN, NV
      • 4 days ago

      I just watched Blackfish and cried like a baby! Humans have no right to do to these animals what they do for entertainment and financial gain purposes or any other reasons. We should all be ashamed. Let them go and leave them alone to live their own lives. Isn't that what we want for ourselves?? Just saying.

    • Dakota Wharepouri AUSTRALIA
      • 5 days ago

      Orca whales are the most amazing remarkable stunning animals i ahve ever come across, they are my most loved and favourite animal and seeing them captured and held in captivity actually really angers and hurts me and i will do anything in my power to help these marvelous creaturs become free again.

    • Janet Woodville TUCSON, AZ
      • 13 days ago

      All of the Orca's need to be freed from SeaWorld and other parks. The ones in poor health because of being held captive, need to be freed to a Really Large Seapen in the ocean so they can at least live in the ocean and they have to still be cared for but Sea World owes it to them for taking them from their natural home to begin with. Tilikum has to have his teeth flushed out everyday so he doesn't get an infection. kinda like we do with a water pik. The ones that are still in good health and without damaged teeth need to be rehabilitated and taught how to catch their own food then released back to the wild aka Open Ocean. Also their Breeding Program needs to be stopped. What they do to Tilikum is a violation of his personal space. He's never been allowed to chose his own mate. Orcas in the wild have a calf every 5 years or so. Sea World artificially inseminated Katina then 4 years later separated them and devastated them by the separation.

    • Tatum mcdaniel LAPINE, OR
      • 13 days ago

      this is important to me because ever since I watched Black fish I just had to do something. I imagined me being in a bath tube for 25 years and I think I would go crazy.


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