FDA: Add A Sugar Daily Value Percentage To Nutrition Facts Labeling
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FDA: Add A Sugar Daily Value Percentage To Nutrition Facts Labeling

    1. James Vest
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      James Vest

      San Francisco, CA

I’ve been trying to consume less sugar lately, but it’s been harder than I ever imagined. Like I've done with saturated fat and cholesterol, I planned to check labels, look at the daily allowance percentage next to sugar, and keep my total sugar intake below one hundred each day.

Instead, I found myself asking, ‘How many grams are in a packet of sugar?’ and ‘How many grams am I supposed to be having? How much is too much?’ because unlike fat, cholesterol, and sodium, sugar has no recommended daily value.

Nutrition Facts labeling include daily value percentages to help consumers quickly determine the health risks of labelled food and beverages, based on the FDA’s recommended daily allowance. Nutrients that are unhealthy in excess, such as fat, cholesterol, and sodium all have clearly marked percentages–but not sugar.

With the percentage of obese and diabetic Americans at an all-time high, and 17% of calories in the American diet coming from added sugars, I'm asking the FDA to add a Daily Value Percentage for sugar to their mandatory nutrition facts labeling.

I believe this simple update to food labeling will raise consumer awareness of foods and beverages that are high in sugar so consumers can make better health decisions.

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    • Yazmin Segura MISSION VIEJO, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I think we deserve to know how much sugar we are consuming.


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