EPA: Act on Clean Air Protections
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EPA: Act on Clean Air Protections

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This is a defining moment in our fight for clean air and climate action.

The EPA faces pivotal decisions in providing for cleaner air and safer communities by addressing the health-harming air pollution, and we need your help now and over the next several months to secure these four essential safeguards:

- Historic carbon pollution standards for fossil fuel power plants.
- Science-based health standards to limit levels of lethal particulate pollution.
- Cleaner cars that reduce the particulate & smog forming pollution.
- Strengthened national limits on the air pollution leaked and vented during oil and gas development.

Sign the petition now to urge EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to provide these four vital clean air protections for America.

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    • Patricia Humber AUSTIN, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      my husband and children have alpha 1 antitryspin deficiency and airl pollution leads to lung destruction. The more pollution the quicker the lungs are destroyed.


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