Dolphins Die After Rave at Connyland
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Dolphins Die After Rave at Connyland

    1. Carin Zellerman
    2. Petition by

      Carin Zellerman

      Stockholm, Sweden

Two dolphins were found dead following a rave at Connyland. The Swiss marine park had initially been accused of killing Shadow and Chelmers by allowing a deafening two-day rave to be held just a few yards from the dolphins' pool. Campaigners had warned that the dolphins could be affected by holding the event so close to the pool, yet the authorities went ahead with the rave. Animal activists from ProWal and The Whale and Dolphin Protection Society recorded noise levels of over 100 decibels outside the park, well within earshot of the dolphins. According to Andreas Morlok from Prowal, this is comparable with that of a pneumatic drill on top volume. It has now been suggested that the dolphins may have been drugged and poisoned.

The official death rate at the Connyland dolphinarium, and its associated travelling dolphin shows is unknown. In the summer of 2000 two calves died soon after birth. Controversy over conditions at Connyland resurfaced after the death of fourteen-year-old Gecko, prompting calls for the park to be closed. Connyland was accused of violations against the Swiss Animal Welfare Act due to strong evidence documenting cruelty to the displayed marine mammals. As of 2003, Connyland had owned at least 36 dolphins, 24 had either been confirmed dead or their fate unknown. In 2010, charges were pressed against Connyland for an alleged serious violation of the Animal Protection Act. That case is still pending. Shadow and Chelmers are the seventh and eight dolphins to die in Connyland in the past three years.

The Connyland dolphinarium in Lipperswil is the only remaining dolphinarium in Switzerland. Please ask for the closure of this dolphinarium!

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    1. Decision-maker Switzerland Tourism responds:

    2. This means the end of the dolphinarium?!

      Carin Zellerman
      Petition Organiser

      After the recent ban on imports of dolphins in Switzerland, Connyland might have to close the dolphinarium after this season, according to Brandenberger!

    3. Two dead dolphins 'forgot to breathe after taking heroin substitute'

      Carin Zellerman
      Petition Organiser

      According to a leaked toxicology report, Chelmers and Shadow were probably killed by a party-goer's heroin substitute!

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    5. Dolphins may have been fed drugs by ravers

      Carin Zellerman
      Petition Organiser

      Although the initial reports claimed that only one dolphin (Shadow) had died following the rave, new reports say that another dolphin named Chelmers was also found dead. New investigations suggest that the dolphins may have been drugged. Shadow was found soon after the event but Chelmers died two days later after a 'drawn out and painful' death.

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    Reasons for signing

      • 17 days ago

      immoral !

    • kelly wilson MOUNT PLEASANT, SC
      • about 1 month ago

      Ugh. This makes me so mad.

      >:( Those poor dolphins :(

    • Regina Boots HOGANSBURG, NY
      • 2 months ago

      Find out who is responsibe.

    • Morgan Idso GOLETA, CA
      • 2 months ago

      We need to preserve our wild life not make it extinct. Please help end this cruelty.

    • Marce Walsh HOUSTON, TX
      • 3 months ago

      We must be the voices for the animals.


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