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DIG, Weaker Sections
Mr. Arvind Pandey
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Mr. Nitish Kumar
District Magistrate, Patna
Mr. N Shravan Kumar
District Magistrate of Patna
Sarvana Kumar

DM, Patna: Ensure justice for Chanchal Paswan #chanchalacidattack

    1. Shailesh Paswan
    2. Petition by

      Shailesh Paswan

      Patna, India

Four men threw acid on Chanchal Paswan, 19 and her sister,15 while they were asleep, on 21/10/2012. This happened because Chanchal boldly opposed continuous sexual harassment by these men. In the video, Chanchal and her family are seen talking about the incident and they want this appeal to go public.

Anil, Ghanshyam, Baadal and Raj had been harassing Chanchal and her family for a long time. They would follow her on the streets, in the autorickshaw and would pass vulgar comments and harass her, sometimes even sexually. When she refused to give in to their demands, they brutally threw acid on her.

The four perpetrators have been arrested by the police. Chanchal is 19 years old and an earning member of the family, the paswan family still waits on her speedy trial. They are also spending money on Chanchal's medicines, instead of the state and both the sisters have got less compensation than they deserve- because the police hasn't taken her officialnstatement under section 164, yet.

For the last four months the Paswan family has been waiting for justice, going from one court to another, Chanchal needs your support in getting speedy justice and compensation. Specially after the Justice Verma Committee report and last years Delhi gang rape case, the Chief Justice of India has asked for stricter laws against women attrocities.

Join me and tell District Magistrate, Patna Mr.N Shravan Kumar to take all possible measures to ensure speedy justice for Chanchal and her sister:

1) Ensure that Chanchal and her sister get complete and proper compensation, with employment and education support and legal expenses, from the state.

2) Ensure that Chanchal and her sister get speedy justice and her case is dealt by a fast track court immediately.

3) Ensure that her statement is recorded under Section 164, which gives a complete and detailed account of the case.

4) All medical expenses, medicines, surgeries should be compensated by the state.

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      • 4 months ago

      because tomorrow it can happen to me too....

      • 5 months ago


    • Grazyna Bonati LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      No children should be treated in this way and it is important that those who would do such a thing are brought to justice at least to warn others that his is no acceptable.

    • sanjam kalra INDIA
      • 6 months ago

      violent crimes against women need an immediate attention and justice. culprits should be dealth severly. if these crimes still remain unchecked, life imprisonments/death penalties should be "awarded" to such culprits without any remorse. when the prepators will have stare in the death's face only then they will realise their mistake. taking very harsh measures is the need of the hour, a message to be given-out to every man. secure the women of india, only then our country will have some hope

    • Ashwin Baindur PUNE, INDIA
      • 6 months ago

      Protect our daughters, wives, sisters, mothers...


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