Stop selling baby turtles in plastic bags as "souvenir" and set them free.
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Stop selling baby turtles in plastic bags as "souvenir" and set them free.

    1. Jerry Giesler
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      Jerry Giesler

      Cumby, TX

China has been selling baby turtle in plastic bags as "souvenirs". The turtles apparently lived in "hell" in the plastic bags for up to 3 months before they suffocate to death. This adds to the growing population of animals that are in the brink of extinction. Stop the horrendous practice of selling baby turtles in plastic shells as "souvenirs" and set them free into the sea for them to live peacefully!

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      Jerry Giesler
      Petition Organiser

      We are now slowing down to the point where the there are inadequate numbers of supporters signing this petition. Spread the words!

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    4. Mobilizeto spread the word.

      Jerry Giesler
      Petition Organiser

      Anytime you see the invitation to sign the petition, don't hesitate to spread the words and get everyone to sign the petition. :)

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    6. Boycott the purchase of baby turtle souvenirs the next time you visit China

      Jerry Giesler
      Petition Organiser

      When you feel like going to China, boycott the stalls/vendors that are selling baby turtle in plastic bags as "souvenirs" to protest against such barbaric practice. In other words, tell your supporters not to go China and spread the word, no matter why or how they want to go.

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      • 2 days ago

      สัตว์มันก็เจ็บเป็นเหมือนคน ถ้าจะฆ่าเพื่อเอามากินยังพอรับได้ นี่ทรมานเขาเพื่อความบันเทิงหรือ? ใจร้ายเกินไปมั้ง หัดนึงถึงใจเขาใจเราบ้างสิ

    • Banciog Loredana GALAțI, ROMANIA
      • 11 days ago

      Because animals should be sett free not keeped in a plastic bag.Gross...

    • Darcy G HARDING, NJ
      • 12 days ago

      R u kidding? To put a live animal in a plastic key chain? Seriously whoever thought this was a good idea should be put into the same situation. Please.

    • Hailey Pemelton SAN DIEGO, CA
      • 13 days ago

      No animal is an accessory.

    • Charlotte Wood WITNEY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 19 days ago

      As It's cruel and inhumane.


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