ENOUGH! Gaddafi

ENOUGH! Gaddafi

ENOUGH! is born from a single, broad sentiment:  the recognition of the overwhelming need for change in Libya. Enough aims to engage all activists, who share this sentiment, in the betterment of Libya.

Enough is a call to action.  It rejects any approach requiring Libyans to become the passive recipients of so-called reform.  It emphasizes the key role of grassroots leadership in actualizing the aspirations of the Libyan people—inside and outside of Libya—insisting that they become the main protagonists in improving their conditions.

Enough is a new voice of dissent against the Gaddafi regime, building upon the energies of past struggles and articulating a new generation of protest.  It stresses the central role of the Gaddafi regime in Libya’s past failures, but it also sees hope in Libya’s future and people—particularly its youths.  Enough underlines the ability of regular Libyans to overcome the limitations imposed upon them by an illegitimate and unjust government.

Enough is a chronicler of the stories, lives and events of a people who will not be demeaned by tyranny.  Enough firmly proclaims the dignity, humanity and potential of the Libyan people.

Enough arose from the frustrations that have emerged from over 40 years of failed policies at the hands of the Gaddafi regime.  Most importantly, however, Enough is a movement full of optimism.



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