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Wells Fargo: Don't break the law -- leave cancer patients alone
  • Petitioning Teri Schrettenbrunner

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Wells Fargo: Don't break the law -- leave cancer patients alone

    1. Linda Rife
    2. Petition by

      Linda Rife

      Tustin, CA

Wells Fargo and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department pulled a gun on a sick cancer patient, my good friend Niko Black, and evicted her from her home in California -- in violation of a court order saying she could stay put.

That’s right -- my friend Niko, who is fighting breast cancer and has struggled with numerous health problems over the years, was illegally evicted at gunpoint, as she struggled to pull herself into her wheelchair.

Niko has owned her home for almost 20 years -- and has lived there since she was a child. She never even had a mortgage with Wells Fargo, and has entered into a civil suit around the fraud they have perpetrated against her, fraud that goes back many years. After she filed bankruptcy, the court sided with Niko and put a stay on Wells Fargo’s eviction.

Niko posted the court order on her front door. Despite this, officers from the Sheriff’s Department along with Wells Fargo employees harassed her on several occasions. Finally, on October 10, 2012 officers broke into her home and forcibly evicted her.

When I learned about what happened to Niko, I was appalled, so I decided to start a petition. I am asking Wells Fargo and the Orange County Sheriff's Department to comply with the federal court order, allow Niko Black back into her home and ensure that she can continue to live in her lifelong home. Will you join me?



Please see below and "like" the face book page On Attack 4 Niko Black for more news and updates.



Recent signatures


    1. Rally at Garden Grove City Council Meeting tonight 1/8/13

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      If you live in the area, please come to the Garden Grove City council meeting tonight at 6:30pm in support of Niko and the recent situation with the Garden Grove Police Department (detailed below). Please spread the word!

    2. Wells Fargo, and Garden Grove PD continue to violate the law.

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      Despite the federal judge's order for Wells Fargo to allow Niko back into her home to get her things, they have continued to refuse. Many times they have set up a day for her to come, only to refuse at the last minute to let her in. They are in constant violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which should protect her from eviction without providing accommodations and assistance. They have trashed her house and already stolen items from her property. Today, Garden Grove Police Department showed up at her house today to tow her cars from her driveway, stealing the very last items of value she had left. We would like to urge concerned citizens to call the Garden Grove Police department and demand the return of her vehicles.

    3. Niko in the OC Weekly

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      Great article that sums up very well everything that has been happening in Niko's case:


      Niko Black Won't Surrender

      A dying woman is determined to return to the Garden Grove home from which she was evicted An Apache woman, Niko Black speaks proudly of the hero of her people: Geronimo, the iconic warrior who battled both the Mexican and American governments as they encroached on his tribe's lands at the end of the 19th century.

    4. Sad news in Niko's case, but the fight continues. We won't give up!

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser
      Disabled Cancer-Stricken Woman Has Day in Court, Leaves Still Locked Out of Her Home - Orange County - News - Navel Gazing

      Niko Black, a terminal cancer patient who was controversially evicted from her Garden Grove home last month by Orange County Sheriff Deputies with weapons drawn, lived long enough to finally see her day in court. Unlike a previous hearing in late July, representatives from Wells Fargo appeared before Federal Bankruptcy Judge Theodore C.

    5. Another "mistaken" foreclosure by Wells Fargo

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      Here is another story of a family whose home was foreclosed on by Wells Fargo when they didn't even have a mortgage with them.


      Owners Lose Possessions After Home Near Twentynine Palms Is Mistakenly Foreclosed

      TWENTYNINE PALMS (CBSLA.com) - The owners of a modest home near Twentynine Palms lost their cherished possessions after a bank mistakenly foreclosed their residence. A crew broke into Alvin and Pat Tjosaas' desert home and took everything after being directed by Wells Fargo to secure the structure.

    6. Another source of news updates about Niko's case

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      If you've been keeping up, you know that attorney Stephen R. Golden agreed to take Niko's case PRO BONO! He is posting updates on his website. Check it out:


      The Niko Black Case - Law Office of Stephen R. Golden

      Attorney Stephen R. Golden with Ms. Niko Black in front of her locked out home in Garden Grove. Breaking news on Garden Grove cancer victim Niko Black, and her fight to get her home back from Wells Fargo Vern Nelson, The Orange Juice Blog November 02, 2012 BREAKING NEWS ON THE CASE OF ...

    7. Huffington Post follow-up, Wells Fargo finally responds...

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      WOW!!! Check out this follow up to Niko's story in the Huffington Post. Apparently, Wells Fargo has finally decided to respond and is attempting to disavow themselves from the situation, quite unsuccessfully, I might add. Read for yourself...


      Below the Fold: Wells Fargo Thumbs its Nose at Judge and Evicts Anyway

      Wells Fargo and Carrington Mortgage Holdings, LLC, the servicer for Niko Black's home, contacted Huffington Post editors about this blog post on Thursday, November 1, 2012 claiming that the facts were wrong. "Both of the key premises of this article are factually incorrect," they wrote. Wells Fargo's Communication Manager, Elise Wilkinson wrote: 1.

    8. Reached 100,000 signatures
    9. Donation account set up for Niko

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser


      Ok everyone!! Now is your chance to give to Niko's fight for her home and for her health monetarily. Her loved ones, friends and supporters have set up a PayPal account for these donations of good will. Its very easy to donate funds that will get directly to her.


      Please enter YOUR email address and then HER email - JUSTICE4NIKOBLACK@GMAIL.COM
      then enter your donation amount.
      Use the link below

      Niko thanks you in advance for your continued love and support to her causes.
      Please SHARE this link and spread the word.


    10. Reached 40,000 signatures
    11. Reached 2,500 signatures
    12. As if Wells Fargo couldn't get any lower!

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      An unbelievable development this morning! As we we're preparing to help Niko go to her home today to retrieve her medical equipment, we were notified that Atlantic Pacific the people acting on Wells Fargo's behalf in this matter have once again reneged on their offer to allow Niko back in her home to gather her much needed medical equipment! Not only is this illegal but his goes beyond outrage and belief! They have continued to do this throughout the process and are now putting Niko's fragile life in even more danger! Please FRIENDS, FAMILY, SUPPORTERS, get the word out about Atlantic Pacific and Well's Fargo's egridious behaviors! We need to turn up the heat people, call write email get as much outrage out to these people out as possible! WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS UNBELIEVABLE AND CHILLING!

    13. Reached 2,000 signatures
    14. Reached 1,500 signatures
    15. Great news!

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      Attorney Steven Golden has chosen to represent Niko in court PRO BONO after being contacted by the David Cruz Show and hearing her story!!!

    16. OC Weekly article about Niko's ordeal

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      Also, Niko will appear at the Garden Grove City Council meeting tonight at 6:00pm. If you live in the area, please go down to support and speak on her behalf.


      Sheriff's Deputies Barge Into Cancer-Stricken Disabled Woman's House with Guns Drawn to Evict Her - Orange County - News - Navel Gazing

      On the morning of October 10, Niko Black was alone and ill when deputies from the Orange County Sheriff's Department arrived to evict her from her Garden Grove home on Shannon Avenue. "I'm in my bed and I see them storming my property," she tells the Weekly. "I crawl to my wheelchair."

    17. Niko's story featured on local radio stations

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      Niko Black's story was featured today on KTLK AM1150 - the David Cruz show from 3pm-6pm. Also, she will be featured tomorrow 10/23 at 8pm on American Indian Airwaves - KPFK FM 90.7
      These are Los Angeles area stations, and times are Pacific Daylight Time.

    18. Reached 500 signatures
    19. cont'd from below

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      Relief from Automatic Stay (Unlawful Detainer) entered August 29, 2012 denied Wells Fargo relief of stay, yet reportedly the Sheriff on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank proceeded with the eviction notwithstanding the order. Therefore, IT IS ORDERED that Wells Fargo Bank N.A. and the Orange County Sheriff will appear November 13, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. in the above court, 411 W. Fourth Street, Santa Ana, Courtroom 5B, to show cause why: (1) they should not be held in contempt and (2) they should not be ordered to pay actual damages and sanctions for willful violation of the automatic stay under 11 U.S.C. §362(k). Debtor in meantime should file and serve evidence of her actual damages allegedly caused by this reported violation and points and authorities explaining why punitive damages are appropriate.

    20. Judge orders Wells Fargo and Sheriffs to appear in court!

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser

      -Just discovered some very good news regarding Niko Blacks' fight with authorities over her unlawful eviction. The judge has ordered Wells Fargo and the Sheriff to appear Nov 13th in court to explain why they violated his orders AND why they should not be held in contempt and ordered to pay damages! Hopefully we can find a way to get her back in there before the 13th but this is still very good news. I've copied and pasted the language from the judge below: This matter was considered in chambers on the debtor’s emergency “Motion to Uphold Enforcement of Order Denying Motion for Relief of Automatic Stay for Failure to Prosecute.” The debtor appears in pro se. While not made entirely clear, the court construes this motion as one for sanctions and/or other relief pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 362(k), and/or possibly in the nature of contempt. It appears to the court that there may have been a violation ofthe stay in that the court in its Order Denying Motion ...for Relief from Automatic Stay (Unl

    21. Watch Niko's video detailing the illegal eviction

      Linda Rife
      Petition organiser
      Apache woman with Cancer gets evicted from her home . Garden Grove .

      Nico Black- Native woman, struggling with terminal cancer- is fighting with an illegal eviction by Wells Fargo Bank, Orange County Sheriffs have been "working" as thugs to intimidate with physical and sexual harrassment , Garden Grove Police Dept refusing to "Protect and Serve" 911 call for help, or uphold FEDERAL COURT ORDER for Wells Fargo to cease and desist - FORECLOSURE FRAUD!

    22. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • about 8 hours ago


    • Christine Wallace LAS VEGAS, NV
      • 12 days ago

      "to see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance".

      I vow NEVER to be a silent partner of evil-doer's.

    • Jonell Key HACKENSACK, NJ
      • 29 days ago

      This country is becoming a big disgrace - no one knows

      how to do their job- these fool's think they are above the law.

    • Keenan Boyd RESTON, VA
      • 2 months ago

      Housing rights have come under increasing attack from the authoritarian arm of the bourgeoisie capitalist pigs who run our society and increasingly seek to victimize those with the least amount of time or energy to defend themselves. Ms. Black deserves justice and ordinary American citizens like me care about her and her rights.

    • Jeremy Banta MARIETTA, GA
      • 3 months ago

      Because people should have their rights and not have big business do what they want to people.


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