Have an independent investigation into the shooting death of Miriam Carey by the Washington D.C. Police force.

    1. Olvan Jones
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      Olvan Jones

      Wilmington, DE

The use of deadly force used on Miriam Carey (the 34 year old black women who attempted to run her car through the barriers at the White House and The Capitol Building) should be independently investigated.

Deadly force should always be the last option. Washington D.C. Capitol Police officers are supposed to be professionals trained in ways to handle and subdue all types of situations. Miriam Carey never fired a shot at the officers who murdered her nor did she have a gun. Her car, at least at one point during this ordeal, was stopped and partly trapped. Could the officers have shot her tires at that point to prevent her from moving instead of ultimately, after another chase, shooting her? Could another police car been placed along side her stopped car and completely hinder her ability to drive away? Were there other things the officers could have done during the ordeal that would have stopped her - without using deadly force? These are things I think all concerned parties have a right to know.

As much as I respect the concept of a "police force", it is important that all police be professional keepers of the peace and protectors of the community. And this they are required do without violating the rights of the people whom they are charged to protect. The lines should never become blurred. Therefore, knowing that there are people concerned enough to demand an independent evaluation of this type of incident is something that could assist in keeping lines clear and prevent them from being crossed. We cannot allow any police force to exceed it's boundaries. This erodes and undermines the rule of law.

Sign this petition and support both concepts. 

Have an independent investigation into the shooting death of Miriam Carey by the Washington D.C. Police force.

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    2. Postpartum psychosis

      Olvan Jones
      Petition organiser

      A few months after her daughter was born, Miriam Carey was diagnosed with postpartum depression with psychosis, her sister told CNN's AC360.
      Postpartum psychosis can cause delusions and paranoia, according to medical experts.
      "There wasn't a pattern. It was something that occurred suddenly," Amy Carey-Jones said. "She seemed overwhelmed. There was a lot of stress.
      "There was not moments of her walking around with delusions. That was not what was going on."
      But her sister was making progress with the help of counseling and medications.
      Carey-Jones said her sister recently told her that the doctors told her she didn't need the medication anymore. "They tapered her off the medications, and she said she felt fine," Carey-Jones said.
      She declined to discuss what medication Miriam Carey had taken.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Kelly Vitale MASSAPEQUA, NY
      • 5 months ago

      because this was an unarmed woman & child driving by the whitehouse & she was gunned down & slaughtered!!!This is the country we are in!!!

    • Marketta Albert CAMDEN, NJ
      • 7 months ago

      tired of the senseless killing of African Americans

    • Harry Bailey LOUISVILLE, KY
      • 7 months ago

      I don't approve of woman being murdered in front of their children.

    • Kevin Sidden WINSTON SALEM, NC
      • 7 months ago

      She was no threat and they filled the vehicle with bullets. The police have alot options in stopping people now vs shooting with lethal force.

    • Donald Iddings BRANFORD, CT
      • 9 months ago

      On several occasions, actual terrorists (armed white men), some who got shots off, were captured alive by D.C. authorites. We need to know why MIriam Carey was killed by automatic gun fire at close range.


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