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Vote for Polaris Project to Win $5,000 for Victim Services

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      Polaris Project

Dear Supporters -

Polaris Project is only a few votes away from winning first place. We need your help today to ensure that Polaris Project receives the highest number of votes! 

There is only 1 day left to help Polaris Project's Washington, DC Trafficking Intervention Program win $5,000 for critical victim services.  Please vote for Polaris Project today!

Voting closes at 5 PM EST so please take a minute and  cast your vote now!

Please continue to help us spread the word about the vote by forwarding this message to your friends and inviting them to join our cause on Facebook.com

With your help victims can receive crucial services, such as housing, mental health services, legal support, and job training skills.

For more information about our efforts to serve victims of human trafficking, please go to PolarisProject.org.

Please help make a difference in the lives of human trafficking victims by voting today.  Click here to vote!  (Note: After you vote, you can check "No, thank you" and your contact information will remain confidential and you will not receive anything from the Washington Area Women's Foundation.)

Thank you for your ongoing support!
Polaris Project staff

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