Unilever Australasia: Stop animal testing altogether.
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Unilever Australasia: Stop animal testing altogether.

    1. Stephanie Hosler
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      Stephanie Hosler


Unilever owns many products- Omo; Rexona; Lynx; Vaseline; TREsemme- just to name a few. They test food, household and personal care products on animals for 'safety' reasons. Okay, so as preachy as this sounds, this is unnecessary and extremely unsafe.

If a product you're going to be using on your skin (and this includes some household products, such as Omo, which- even after the tests- gives most users a skin rash shortly after contact with the skin) has to be tested on an animal's skin before yours, do you really want to be using this at all? For it to be damaging to a creature implies the use of toxic chemicals. Although this can be reduced to a minimal amount to avoid short-term health concerns, it is likely the chemicals are still there. For example, if you read the ingredients label on a container of Rexona or Lynx deodorant, many of the ingredients will have long-winded and pretty dodgy sounding names. 

Rexona itself contains an ingredient called 'Aluminum Zirconium'. Aluminum has a terrible reputation for health problems. Just some of the potential issues associated with the use of products containing it are breast cancer and renal dysfunction. Do you really want to be using chemicals like this directly on your skin?

So if these are some of the effects associated with these products after they've been sold in stores, imagine:

-Firstly, the effect on animals much smaller than humans. Most of these deodorants are tested on the skin and eyes of rabbits, rats and mice. If we can suffer damage from these products, and we're perhaps ten to fifteen times the size of these animals, imagine their reactions.

-Secondly, we receive the product AFTER THE COMPOSITION OF THE PRODUCT HAS BEEN REFINED. These animals are being exposed to the solutions that make up deodorants, detergents and other common household items BEFORE they even get close to 'safe'. 


Unilever doesn't need to do this when many other brands are able to get by without such testing procedures.
Please sign this petition so that one day soon you can buy these products and know they're not harming animals. It's just as much for your benefit as it is for theirs.

Sebastian Lazell, Unilever Australasia CEO
Derine Duncan, Sales Team Manager for Unilever Food Solutions Australia
Aneta Ilievska, Dove Assistant Corporate Affairs Manager
Consumer Relations, Unilever
Please stop testing household, food, personal care and cosmetic products on animals. Not only is it disgustingly cruel to the animals themselves, but if your products require this testing in the first place, it is questionable whether they should be used within the home at all.

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    1. an update.

      Stephanie Hosler
      Petition organiser

      so, when I've set the goal at 20,000, the 3,098 signatures on the progress bar on the right might not look super impressive.
      however, whenever I download the updated list of signatures, it's pretty mind-blowing to see the actual real data. to all of you, I am very grateful. I didn't think that this petition would be noticed that much.
      scrolling down that list, it seems never-ending. and I can see each individual name, and each individual who thought this was important. even that is an achievement, to know that there are so many people who can understand why this is animal cruelty, and why that cruelty is unnecessary.
      so thankyou, again. x

    2. 3000 signatures, everyone!

      Stephanie Hosler
      Petition organiser

      I've gotta say.. even though it'll embarrass her to hell and back.. when my little sister sent this to everyone in her class at school, telling them to sign it, AND when I read her reason behind signing this petition, I think it was the best part about creating this petition.


    3. Reached 3,000 signatures
    4. We have 1000 signatures!

      Stephanie Hosler
      Petition organiser

      So much support, it's crazy. Thankyou guys. x

      Please share this petition if you are able to, on Facebook, Twitter, or anything else.


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      Stephanie Hosler
      Petition organiser

      Hello to all the supporters of this cause. x

      Even if you've already signed the petition, it'd be really brilliant if you could share the link to this petition anywhere you can- Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, email- anything you can do that doesn't take up much of your time.
      You have no idea how much it'd mean, and please send me a message either on here (change.org) or on my Tumblr account (yesmousenomouse.tumblr.com) because I'd love to thank you personally for doing so.

      Tah, everyone. x

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    8. Thankyou lots, lots, lots!

      Stephanie Hosler
      Petition organiser

      I was thrilled to check this petition this morning, and realise how many signatures it's gained! It's made my day, thankyou to all of you who have signed and supported this, it means so much.


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    Reasons for signing

      • 4 days ago

      In this day and age I see no valid reason for testing ANYTHING on animals. I totally abhor the practice and feel it should be banned immediately!

    • Audrey Liversage AUSTRALIA
      • 9 days ago

      For my love of animals.

    • Victoria Southan AUSTRALIA
      • 10 days ago

      This is cruel and unnecessary practice which has long been outdated. Many companies are now using safer and more effective testing methods. Please become a new industry leader by changing your animal testing policy. Until such a time, I know that I, and many other like-minded people will be refusing to purchase these chemical-laden products produced with such cruelty.

    • Maureen Taylor ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA
      • 11 days ago

      JUST STOP!!!!!

      • 11 days ago

      Ho sempre pensato all'Australia come un paese civile...ma quello che fanno ai quei poveri animaletti non è da paese CIVILE!!


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