The United Nations: Officially ask our authority stakeholders to stop depleting planet earth.
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The United Nations and Global Compact Foundation

The United Nations: Officially ask our authority stakeholders to stop depleting planet earth.

    1. Kore Bousie
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      Kore Bousie

      Netherlands, Netherlands

United Nations and Global Compact Foundation, we want to ask you a favour. 

We, humanity, ask you friendly but firm, to officially request our authority stakeholders to stop polluting and depleting planet earth and stop all operations within all companies, organizations and institutions and help them to finance and find other solutions.

Time is ticking, forrests are disappearing, ground, air and water pollutes and depletes rapidly, while other solutions are possible, just as long as we, the people, our authority stakeholders are brave enough to make this huge step forward and stop being affraid it would damage our technology, material wealth and economy, we can make a change for the good. 

We need to make choices differently on earth well being bases, since she is our source of life and stop all operations polluting and depleting and help find other solutions. 

Not tomorrow or somewhere in the future, not by thinking all will be right, while it isn't, there are so many examples available of these depletions and pollutions. We know you are aware of these developments and examples, we mostly want to encourage you to be brave enough to break all circles arround, oil, deforestation, use of genetically engineered sources or food, pollutions of air, water and (sun) light.

Through air we breathe, through water and light life grows, if we don't change our ways now, we and our planet will die, while other choices and other sollutions were available all the time.

Think about solutions on free energy, support of local farming, politics, communities and economy, stop mass production in all of us, by usingm by producing. Break the circle and learn that all our inhibitions where based on irrational fears. 

Technology, economics can proceed in a way that is good for the earth and its inhabitants, it just takes courage to start and stop all discisions, operations that can damage our ecological system drastically, today and help us humanity, companies, organisations or institutions to find better solutions on these bases. It will benefit our development in many ways. 

Please let us know here, how our leaders and authoruty stakeholders replied to this simple, modest, but serious and urgent request, we have major concerns about our lives, the excistance of planet earth and the future of our children.
Help us to make the big necessary change. 

"Let's build this bridge together. We need to make a step forward, all nations on earth, from the north, from the south, from the west and from the east, working together on one goal, stop polluting and depleting earth, like the fingers of one hand"


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    • Babette Verburg VEGHEL, NETHERLANDS
      • about 1 year ago

      For alle of us!

      • about 1 year ago

      Better late then never

    • Miriam Wesselink WASSENAAR, NETHERLANDS
      • about 1 year ago

      This is important to all of us, because it's rather difficult to live without planet earth.

    • Truus Romijn ERMELO, NETHERLANDS
      • about 1 year ago

      Life can only continue when we respect nature.

    • Carlijn Versteeg GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS
      • about 1 year ago

      Just ONE earth, no right to distroy it whatsoever.


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