Provide financial assistance to the families of HFD's fallen firefighters.
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Provide financial assistance to the families of HFD's fallen firefighters.

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      Houston Firefighter Wives

The deadly fire that took the lives of four Houston firefighters on May 31, 2013, will never be forgotten. The tragedy touched an immeasurable amount of citizens, not only in Houston, but across Texas, our entire United States, and even countries all over the world. Many of these individuals were inspired to donate to the families of our fallen heroes and were directed by multiple sources to donate directly to The 100 Club. These donations were not contingent on the firefighter's marital status nor if they had children. People donated because they wanted to assist the heroes’ families- whoever they may be. Since the horrific fire, The 100 Club of Houston Texas has received more donations than any other tragedy in the history of their organization. Now, The 100 Club is stating that because these firefighters did not have a spouse or children, their families will not be assisted financially beyond $20,000 for burial expenses. However, after the funeral costs were donated by Dignity Memorial, the $20,000 promised by The 100 Club, has since been denied to the families. The 100 Club accepted these monetary donations that were intended for the hero's families, knowing that they would never benefit from them.

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    2. A message from Damian Hobbs' family.

      Fallen hero's family hoping 100 Club keeps rule-change promise

      HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Last week, we broke the news that funds raised in the name of four fallen Houston firefighters would not go to their families. Since our investigation aired, the 100 Club vowed it would change its rules. Now, another family in the same devastating situation hopes the club keeps its promise.

    3. A week since the 'rule reversal' but families have not heard from 100 Club

      100 Club reverses rules, to help families of four fallen firefighters

      HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You spoke up and something changed. Late Thursday afternoon, the fire department announced the 100 Club was making an exception to its policy and would meet the needs of the families of the four fallen firefighters. It comes too late to calm the feelings of the four families.

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    5. Channel 13 breaks the story

      100 Club rules hinders help for fallen firefighters' families

      HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The images the Houston fire department's deadliest day are hard to forget. As the four faces of the fallen firefighters, the city mourned at a massive memorial service. The tragedy inspired donations across the state and across the country from people wanting to help the families of the fallen.

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    7. Decision-maker Rick Hartley responds:

      Rick Hartley

      When we visited with all of the to the families, the day after the tragedy, we explained to all of those there, including the Mayor and Fire Chief and Staff, including the Union President, that when there were single Heroes, The 100 Club...


    Reasons for signing

    • Nancy Perez HOUSTON, TX
      • 8 months ago

      They gave their lives, we owe their families!

    • CF Briley HOUSTON, TX
      • 9 months ago

      Unfortunately, this is usually the case with disasters and tragedies. Many organizations quickly fill their coffers and rarely dispense the funds as they ought. They should be widely exposed for greed and criminally charged. The funds should be returned to the donors or immediately given to those intended to receive it. One thing is for sure, the 100 club was not a significant other or close relationship; yet they are holding on to what can now be perceived as ill gotten funds. Hit a nerve?

    • Carol Matson HOUSTON, TX
      • 9 months ago

      They gave they live and now it counts for nothing!!!!!!!!

    • koy garza RICHMOND, TX
      • 9 months ago

      My husband is a firefighter

    • Teresa Nugent EL CAMPO, TX
      • 9 months ago

      This is the most unreal decision that I have ever heard of. Each individual, rather married, single, children, or no children, should have access to these funds. These individuals put their lives in jeopardy every single day for us and when an tragedy like this happens, they should all have rights to the funds!!!!


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