Thank Pepsi for their Support of LGBT Rights
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Caitlyn Faughnan

Thank Pepsi for their Support of LGBT Rights

    1. Michael Jones
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      Michael Jones

      Boston, MA

Conservative activists have launched a boycott of Pepsi products because of the company's ongoing support of LGBT rights.  Instead of a boycott, Pepsi deserves to be applauded for their efforts to root out discrimination in the workplace, and for supporting organizations like Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). 

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      Michael Jones
      Senior Campaign Director

      We wrote about this a couple weeks ago, but the American Family Association (AFA) continues to push our buttons. The AFA launched a boycott earlier this month (first official boycott of 2009 from the anti-gay crowd?) of soft drink giant Pepsi, for...


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