Tell the House to Get Rid of Lead in Drinking Water
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Tell the House to Get Rid of Lead in Drinking Water

    1. Tara Lohan
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      Tara Lohan

      San Francisco, CA

World health organizations have determined that there is no safe level of lead. Exposure can lead to cognitive problems, nervous system disorders, digestive ailments, aggressive behavior and more. Yet the EPA reports that up to 20 percent of our lead exposure may be coming from our drinking water and one of the main contributors could be your faucet.

Shockingly, a faucet made in the last 15 years can contain as much as a quarter of a pound of lead, some of which could leach out into drinking water. And if your faucet was made before 1996, it could contain twice that amount. Even worse, those who have opted to buy "lead-free" faucets may find up to four percent lead legally allowed in the fixture.

Thankfully, U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo has now introduced H.R. 5289 that will eliminate lead from all faucets and plumbing sold in the United States. Lead exposure is dangerous to human health, and especially to children. It's time to get the lead out. Sign the below petition to ask your representative to support H.R. 5289.


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