Stop slavery Sumangali Thittam Tamilnadu  mills 2 lakhs girls exploiting
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Tamilnadu Government
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Stop slavery Sumangali Thittam Tamilnadu mills 2 lakhs girls exploiting

    1. Karuppu Samy
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      Karuppu Samy

      Erode, India

Workers in the textile mills and garment factories in Tamil Nadu, South India, suffer exploitative working conditions. In ‘Maid in India’, a report by SOMO and ICN it is documented that more than 100,000 girls – possibly up to 300,000 – work under employment schemes, often referred to as Sumangali, that amount to bonded labour. Workers make long hours, including forced overtime, under unhealthy conditions. Wages in the spinning mills are far below the legal minimum. Sumangali Thittam (wedding scheme) is when young girls are recruited with the promise of a large payout (for their dowry) at the end of 3-5 years; however, such payouts are often empty promises. Young Dalit girls are most vulnerable – with more than 60% of the workers recruited under this scheme being Dalit,Most of the the spining mills and garment units from Coimbatore,Tirupur,Erode,

READ had research study on 2010 with 250 samples says” 28% were below the age of 14 and remaining was below 18 years. Besides 44% of the respondents’ parents were engaged as agriculture coolie and all the families having debt. The Sumangali Scheme workers were suffering from a number of health issues which so metimestopped them from employment. The respondents had poor facilities in food (23%), toilet (44%). All the respondents were forced to work for 12 hours per day. 82% faced verbal abuse and 5% attained sexual arrestment by co-workers. Only 12-14% of the respondents received bonus and provident fund from this scheme. The girls were facing numerous problems in the workplace. Those were all the girls were forced to work, having no rest at working time, very short time for lunch / tea break. Besides, they faced verbal abuse (82%), long working hours (86%), over lighting (57%), not allowing for toilet at work time (48%), over speed machinery (44%).

Workers are housed in restricted access sites in poor conditions, are paid low wages, from which housing and food costs are deducted. Girls in the age group of 12-18 are most vulnerable to be recruited. Some of the issues affecting the workers include forced labour, child labour, long working days, mandatory overtime, caste discrimination and unsafe working conditions are common.

The Cheif minister,, Tamilnadu Government
The Erode District collector, Collectrate
The Erode District Revenue officer, Erode
The Coimbatore District collector, Coimbatore
The Tirupur District collector, Tirupur
Stop slavery Sumangali Thittam Tamilnadu mills 2 lakhs girls exploiting
To ensure minimum wage Act in All mills
To ensure entitlements to girls
To stop long working hours
To stop child labours

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    • Alicia Nuszloch RENO, NV
      • 5 months ago

      SHAME, so SHAME on you!

      This is plain ABUSE!

      PROTECT protect protect

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 6 months ago

      The indescribably cruel and brutal rapes and sexual murders of children, girls and women must finally come to an end in India. The whole world is looking at India and holds India for barbaric! I think that prevail in India for decades femicides, the misogyny and violence against women is the result of lack of women. But the Indians did not solve the problem, if they kill more and more female children, girls and women, that's just repulsive and must change rapidly with relevant laws!

      • 7 months ago

      We are working for Dalit children & women

      • 7 months ago

      stop slavery system,value human life

      • 7 months ago

      sumanali thittam is modern slavery, because of this scheme most of Dalit girls are become victims of trafficking and various type of violence specially sexual violence, so Immediately Govt of TN have investigate and stop this scheme and save Dalit and most marginalized community Girls, K B OBALESH


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