Stop massive B Triple trucks using Yarraville's residential streets
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CEO, VicRoads
Gary Liddle
Regional Director Metropolitan North West, VicRoads
Patricia Liew
CEO, Maribyrnong City Council
Vince Haining
Mayor, Maribyrnong City Council
Cr Catherine Cumming
Premier of Victoria
Dr Denis Napthine
CEO, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
Richard Hancock
Minister for Roads
Terry Mulder

Stop massive B Triple trucks using Yarraville's residential streets

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      MTAG - Maribyrnong Truck Action Group

Even BIGGER trucks to rumble down residential streets in Yarraville? No way!

Do you think Francis Street in Yarraville can safely accommodate trucks that are 36.5 metre long (8 Toyota Corollas or 20 bicycles) and weigh 68.5 tonnes?

We understand that the freight industry has made an application to State Government to allow 36 ½ metre long B-triple High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) and 30 metre long B-double HPFVs on Williamstown Road, Francis Street and Whitehall Street in Yarraville.

Francis Street between Williamstown Road and Hyde Street is an undivided suburban road, fronted almost exclusively by around 200 houses and apartments, as well as a park, golf course, and a community centre with a child care facility. In this short section of road, vehicles must travel through four sets of traffic lights.

The road is currently used by a mix of cars, cyclists, and pedestrians, as well as by trucks. This includes a large number of children on their way to and from school and childcare. 
 Residents are already worried about trucks not stopping at lights and fear for the safety of children. Allowing even larger trucks on this narrow street would further threaten the safety of the residents, road users and pedestrians. 
The infrastructure of Francis St is currently severely impacted by the number of heavy vehicles. Allowing even heavier trucks would further weaken the already crumbling infrastructure.

Francis St is NOT a suitable road for trucks, much less HPFVs.

These trucks belong on FREEWAYS! (watch the video)

I call on the Maribyrnong City Council, VicRoads and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to send a clear message to the freight industry that approval to allow B-double and B-triple HPFVs on Williamstown Road and Francis Street in Yarraville will NOT be granted.

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      • 7 months ago

      because I see trucks ignore the red lights of the pedestrian crossing on Francis St already - it scares me that trucks of that size would be allowed down a street where kids live and cross the road

    • Natalie Charles AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      Because they're a danger to kids, prams, dogs, and the mums who walk them to school

    • Susan Thomas AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      large trucks shouldn't be on residential streets

      • 9 months ago

      This is totally obscene, dangerous and stupid. The reality is that there should be no trucks on these suburban streets, not an ever increasing amount and now even bigger ones.

    • rajiv kumar AUSTRALIA
      • 9 months ago

      Due to safety


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