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Stop Jessica's LAW

    1. vicki m.
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      vicki m.

      Driftwood, TX

Stop expansion of the death penalty!  Contact your state legislators to defeat attempts to expand the death penalty for child sex offenders.  This is being considered in multiple states, Texas, Tennessee, and more.

The death penalty for child sex offenders will not solve this problem.  90% of molestation occurs in families and this type of crime goes largely unreported.  It is feared that with a death penalty component that this will make reporting even more unlikely, or that the child victims may be murdered to cover up the crime.

Please express your concern to your legislators if this is happening in your state!

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    • Brandy Fuentez PONDER, TX
      • over 4 years ago

      When it comes to child sex laws in the State of Texas you get into to some very gray complicated waters.  In the state of Texas if you are 14 years old you can not legally consent to sex WITH ANYONE, not even your bf/gf who turned 15 yesterday.  Yet, I have heard about many men (in 20's and 30's) that have an 11 year old girlfriend who is pregnant with their baby and NOTHING happens to them!!!  The trusting judicial system makes about as much sense as washing your car in a thunderstorm!

    • Sandra Z TORRANCE, CA
      • about 5 years ago

      Another point here is most that are convicted of this crime have never even touched a child. They lump all of these people into one category. The laws in this area are really unfair and rediculious. If a women is cought breast feeding in public she will get stones cast at her the rest of her life and have to register as a sex offender.If a man is caught in an ally releaving him self registered sex offender. If a man 18 is with his girlfriend who is 17 will become a sex offender. So crazy. So to say death penalty NO WAY. It is not up to us who dies. Jail term is good enough with some rehab.

    • Janice Forsythe ARLINGTON, TX
      • over 5 years ago

      I have to say that I have absolutely no compassion for anyone capable of hurting a child, especially sexual crimes. However, currently in the state of Texas alone, thanks to the Innocence project, we have proved the innocence of 2,000 inmates and counting. I do not believe in the Death penalty for 1 reason.The probability of innocent.

      • almost 7 years ago

      I agree with people feelings,yes, i think they should die.. i know that if someone hurt someone i love, i will want to see that person dead, but you know what? THIS IS NOT MY DECISION, I DONT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO HAS TO LIVE OR DIE. THIS, IS ONLY GOD'S DECISION. Jail will be enough i think, and i can sure you at the end, all that disgusting people will receive what they deserve, but until that happen, i am noone to decide who must die. I am against death penalty.

    • vicki m. DRIFTWOOD, TX
      • over 7 years ago

      Initiated this Action!


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