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Statutory status to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes sub plan in TamilNadu

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Ensuring financial rights of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

Statutory status to scheduled caste sub plan in Tamil Nadu

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    2. Enact SC/ST Sub-Plan fund usage law

      Certainly a similar to Andhra Pradesh’s law needs to be enacted in Tamil Nadu Assembly to ensure the proper usage of fund allocated to uplift the downtrodden SC/ST people off the abysmal socio, economic conditions. Primarily this fund must be used for Dalit youths for any type of higher education, not only for medical or other professional courses. It should ensure that Dalits who have been systematically denied education for thousands of years get free higher education of their choice of any fields. Dalit youths getting the entry in to the contemporary highly commercialized education institutions with skyrocketing fees has been mindboggling and intimidating, so higher education remains an unreachable to the most of the Dalit youths. So they are either forced to give up their higher education or go to colleges that have barely any job prospects.

    3. Central Allocations for SCP

      Rs 26,000 crore previous estimate of shortfall in SC allocations in 2012-13
      Rs 3,641.84 crore shortfall in SC allocations using Plan panel working group formula
      Rs 37,113.03 crore allocated in Budget 2012-13 for SC sub-plan
      12% of country’s consumption expenditure is accounted for by SCs
      This new method of calculation effectively ensures the government isn’t blamed of diverting funds meant for SC/ST categories to other segments; it also reduces the funds set aside for SC/ST categories. In Budget 2012-13, funds allocated for the SC sub-plan stood at Rs 37,113.03 crore. However, if this would have been calculated on the basis of the fact that about 16.2 per cent of the overall population are SCs (allocations towards SCs/STs are aligned with their population, which is about 16.2 per cent of the overall population), it would have stood at Rs 63,346.37 crore (16.2 per cent of the general Budget support).

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    5. The Andhra Pradesh Act on SCP

      Andhra Pradesh recently became the first State to have a law protecting the interests of the SCs and STs in budget allocation. The Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan (Planning, Allocation and Utilisation of Financial Resources) Act, 2013, came into being on January 24.

      Taking its cue from this, the coalition has suggested the setting up of a nodal agency or development authority for disbursement and appraisal of funds under the SCPs.

      “Schemes and programmes shall have special focus on gender concerns with emphasis on empowerment of women, including girl-children. Besides, all children, youth, aged and people with disability and other vulnerable social identities within SCs and STs shall be considered on a priority basis. Schemes and programmes shall be included in, and funded from, the SCP which directly and exclusively benefit SC individuals, families, groups, habitations and institutions in order to fulfil the overarching objectives listed above,”


      Scheduled Castes welfare schemes get Rs.6000 crore

      The State government's allocation under the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan has hit an all-time high of Rs.6,108.60 crore, constituting 21.82 per cent of the annual plan outlay of the Budget, but the debate over full utilisation of this sum for the development of the Adi Dravidar community is continuing.

      Stating that the government gives special priority for the welfare of Adi Dravidar and tribal communities, the Budget paper promises to ensure that funds meant for the Adi Dravidar reach the target group.

      This year, Finance Department officials say, almost the entire allocation under this plan (usually referred to as Special Component Plan - SCP) will reach the target group — the SC population comprises about 19 per cent of the State's population — as the funds will be allotted under the ‘divisible' component wherein individual beneficiaries can be clearly identified.


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