Sheriff Tim Donnellon, St. Clair County Sheriff's Department: Replace Officer Ken Jewell-Animal Control Director of St. Clair County

Sheriff Tim Donnellon, St. Clair County Sheriff's Department: Replace Officer Ken Jewell-Animal Control Director of St. Clair County

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      Day Dreams Farm Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.

Officer Jewell has been the apathetic and arrogant face of St. Clair County Animal Control for too many years. He's turned his back and walked away from suffering animals he could have helped. He's not an advocate for the animals; he's an advocate for the offenders. One year ago, when we were desperately searching for a pony that was attacked by a wolf hybrid dog then ran away, he informed me via the phone "if I see her first, I will shoot her on sight". His latest failure involved 3 horses, including a 3 month old filly living in horrid conditions inside a makeshift trailer that was 8 feet wide by 12 feet long on a piece of vacant property. They were chained inside to a makeshift manger, unable to lie down or turn around. They were living on a wooden floor covered in feces and urine with no bedding. The mare is 200+ pounds underweight and none have received any hoofcare whatsoever. He stated to us he has known about the horses for 2 years and said he "goes out weekly to check on them and they are let out to be exercised every day". When I found out about it, I rallied our troops who went to the vacant property with a St. Clair County Officer at 11 pm at night. The situation was so dire, the officer ordered them pulled out immediately. The mare had been chained in there for so long, the clip on her chain was rusted completely shut, indicating she had NOT been out of there for quite some time.
The following day, after many phone calls and arguments with animal control, they finally sent the county veterinarian out. He was thoroughly disgusted at the condition of the horses and the next thing we knew, we found out they would NOT be going back to the owner.
These horses suffered for way too long. How many others are suffering that we don’t know about. What about the dogs, cats and other animals? I’ve started this petition because everyone I talk to tells me a story about how Officer Jewell has failed them and failed the animals. Now it’s time to do something. Please let our story be heard and help us help the animals that need us. They deserve better.

Replace Officer Ken Jewell-Animal Control Director of St. Clair County

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    2. Board of Commissioners meeting THIS Wednesday

      Board of Commissioners meeting is this Wednesday, July 24th at the St. Clair City Boat Harbor. Address is 920 South 2nd Street, St. Clair, 48079. Pavilion 2 is directly to the left of the office at the St. Clair City Boat Harbor. The meeting is at 6pm. I will be attending with petition and stories in hand hoping they will hear me. I invite everybody who can to please attend and show your support for making a positive change for the animals in St. Clair County. They are counting on us help them. ~Lisa

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    4. Animal control failed the animals once again.....

      A judge decided today that the owner will NOT be given back to the owner who neglected them. They are now property of St. Clair County Animal Control. Unfortunately, after all of the hard work by the DDF Team to GET them safe, it has been decided by animal control to NOT allow us to take them, rehabilitate and re-home them. They decided to allow another rescue TWO hours away who had NOTHING to do with this rescue to take them even though we made it VERY clear we had the resources to take the horses immediately upon the judges decision. It appears this decision was made for political reasons and the animals welfare is clearly not being represented. To say I am upset and angry is an understatement. Please express your outrage and disappointment to animal control. Phone: (810) 984-3155
      Fax: (810) 984-3156 ( copy and paste into your browser

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    • Peggy LaRue PORT HURON, MI
      • 4 months ago

      animals are in need of anyone able, to protect.

    • Susan Hawkins CONSTABLE, NY
      • 5 months ago

      I strongly feel thatOfficer jewell has failed animals terribley as an alleged advocate for their well being. To overlook actual specific complaints of animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty, is unacceptable. Animals are silent, for they can not speak, so we must be their voice and try to protect them, when ever we see signs of negative actions going on towards animals. We must call, report, and continue to follow up, to see if the animal has been either removed from the abuse, or something positive has occurred to rectify the solution. This man does not deserve this position, and needs to either resign or be dismissed, immediately. We need to protect the animals. Please hear my plea, and thank you for listening. Bless all the animals and protect them, please. )O( Susan.

    • Carin Hemmila PLANO, TX
      • 7 months ago

      This position needs someone who actually cares about animals!! Not someone who lets them suffer!

    • Lisa Villarreal AUSTIN, TX
      • 8 months ago

      No one should hurt a child or an animal its just wrong!

    • Rebecca Coats King LEXINGTON, MI
      • 9 months ago



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