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Sheila Dikshit, Cheif Minister of NCT of Delhi: Fix Responsibility for the Death of Filmmaker Anand Bhaskar Morla

    1. Amit Bhargava
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      Amit Bhargava

      New Delhi, India

It is ridiculous for the Cheif Minister Sheila Dikshit to say... “Pray to God Stop Rains." Should the Cheif Minister not Find God Within herself and give us Corruption Free Good Governance? Should the CM not ensure that the National Capital does not come to a standstill just after a few hours of rains, and citizens do not end up loosing their life, like Anand did?

Anand Bhaskar Morla, 33, a filmmaker, lost his life due to electrocution on July 20, 2013 due to sheer callousness of Civic and Safdarjung Hospital authorities. Anand, who lost his father early in his childhood is survived by his maternal Grandmother, Mother, Wife, and a 3 year old son.

Anand’s car was parked in front of A-22 shopping complex in Green Park. He took his maternal Grandmother to the Bank of India while his Wife and Son waited in the car. It was raining heavily, and upon return while Anand was helping his Grandmother get back in to the car, the door of the Car door brushed an iron gate that was in contact with the live wire of the split AC installed on encroached land by Jwell Den Jewelry shop in the complex.

Anand was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital in a Private Ambulance. The Emergency department of the Safdarjung Hospital did not attend to him as he struggled with his life in the ambulance. He was asked to be taken to the Burns department of the Hospital instead. Again at the Burns department he was not attended to, for a long time.

After wasting precious time, Anand was then declared brought dead.

What happened to Anand can happen to any of us. Anand died due to Sheer Callousness of the allegedly Corrupt Civic Authorities and Apathy of the Safdarjung Hospital Authorities.

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      • 11 months ago

      Someone else's carelessness took a life away for no fault of his. I am in shock that even though the accident took place near two of the delhi's major hospitals, he was not even attended to by either of them. It could have been any of us that day or it could be any of us in coming future.

    • Chetna G Anchan NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • 12 months ago

      The hospitals should be punished for neglecting/delaying attending to patients in emergency situation. whichever

    • Anantha Subramanyam BANGALORE, INDIA
      • 12 months ago

      I was in Delhi covering the rain, not only Anand, a 5 year old boy, Chiraag, too washed awy in Mehrauli on the same day. The CM should own up the responsibility.

    • Pal Pillai MUMBAI, INDIA
      • 12 months ago

      The corrupt government need to answer rather than making vague statement ...

    • tunali mukherjee MUMBAI, INDIA
      • 12 months ago

      Anand was an amazing person and the Govt's carelessness is murder. You've killed an amazing human being, a father, a husband, a son. This just cant go on. punish the guilty


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