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Senatoriables ng 2013 Mid-Term Elections
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Senatoriables ng 2013 Mid-Term Elections: Will you stand up against HIV? #HIVAnyare

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      Network to Stop AIDS - Philippines

Noong taong 2000, isang bagong kaso ng HIV ang naitatala kada araw. Ngayon, ISA KADA DALAWANG ORAS o labindalawang Pilipino kada araw ang nagkakaroon ng HIV. Kailangan natin ng mga mambabatas na kayang tumindig para masolusyonan ito.

Para sa mga tumatakbo bilang senador ngayong eleksyon, hinahamon namin kayong sagutin ang mga katanungan ng mga HIV activists sa video na ito. Kung sa Africa, nagawa ng mga lider nilang mapababa ang bilang ng mga bagong kaso ng HIV sa kani-kanilang mga bansa, sigurado kaming may magagawa din kayo. 

Gumawa din kayo ng inyong video bilang sagot sa aming mga tanong. I-upload ang inyong video sa YouTube na may titulong "Response to #HIVAnyare". Maaari ring mag-post ng open statement sa NSAP Facebook page.

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    1. Senatorial candidate Teddy Casiño responds to our questions

      Dear Friends,

      Good news! Last Friday, May 10, 2013, Makabayan coalition senatorial candidate Teddy Casiño posted a blog entry in response to the questions posed by our HIV activists.

      You can find the full text of his response in his website: http://www.teddycasino.org/my-stand-against-hiv/

      Thank you, Teddy, for taking a stand against HIV!

      But this campaign does not end on Election Day. After tomorrow, we still need to make sure that the HIV response is on the legislative agenda of our senators-elect. Keep signing and sharing this petition so that we continue to encourage our leaders to take a stand against HIV.

      Network to Stop AIDS-Philippines (NSAP)

    2. Reached 500 signatures
    3. Our petition was featured on ANC Alerts!

      Dear Friends,

      Our petition has been featured on ANC Alerts. NSAP's Ivanka Custodio and Benedict Bernabe were on ANC Alerts (4:30pm on the ABS-CBN News Channel) with Lexi Schultze yesterday to discuss our petition, urge senatorial candidates to take on the challenge, and encourage the viewing public to sign and share our petition with their friends and loved ones.

      Our senatorial candidates have missed this chance of reaching out not only to Filipinos living with HIV and their loved ones but also to the larger Filipino audience to declare their stand against stigma and discrimination related to HIV.

      Don't let your senatorial bets miss the chance of being the first to take on this challenge. Aside from signing and sharing this petition to your friends, reach out to your senatorial candidates through social media and encourage them to take a stand against HIV!

      Network to Stop AIDS-Philippines (NSAP)

      Online petition urges senatorial candidates to stand up against HIV virus

      Guests: Benedict Bernabe Member, Network to Stop AIDS PH Ivanka Custodio Network coordinator, Network to Stop AIDS PH

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    Reasons for signing

    • John Christian Dinco MANILA, PHILIPPINES
      • 9 months ago

      For an HIV-free future generation!

    • angelica santiago MAYNILA, PHILIPPINES
      • 9 months ago


      • 10 months ago

      Government need to prioritize the situation and to provide information for awareness

    • Jan Bert Doquenia QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES
      • 11 months ago

      This very important to help Filipino people who have HIV, not only but also to prevent and decrease the number of Filipino people being infected of HIV.

    • Ivanka Custodio MANILA, PHILIPPINES
      • 11 months ago

      "Isusulong ko po ang legislative measures to ensure adequate government actions for the prevention and treatment of HIV." -- Senatorial candidate Teddy Casino answers our questions. http://www.teddycasino.org/my-stand-against-hiv/


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