Create a policy to stop using palm oil products that cause global warming !
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Create a policy to stop using palm oil products that cause global warming !

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      Palm Oil Consumer Action

The government of the United Kingdom already has a policy on its use of palm oil and states :

"Palm oil production is often linked to deforestation and peatland drainage,mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia. This has major impacts on biodiversity, climate change and also land rights for local people."


Global warming is leading to extreme weather conditions and the droughts that Kansas is suffering from is projected to get worse unless we all do something today!


Please sign this petition and ask all friends from Kansas to add their voices to this protest against senseless carbon emissions. Cheryl Tarpy-Apel from Kansas will make sure your letters are hand delivered!

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    1. Indonesia refuses to stop its carbon belching from palm oil

      Empty promises: All that remains of Indonesia's climate plans

      At the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh in 2009, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Indonesia's President famously promised that Indonesia would reduce its emissions by 26% by 2020 from business as usual. With international suppport, he said, Indonesia could reduce emissions by 41%. Four years on and there's practically nothing to show for Yudhoyono's promises.

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    3. Indonesian villagers sue their government !

      Villagers are suing the government for causing climate change from palm oil burns which are affecting their lives!

      Indonesian villagers sue president over climate change

      Eight Indonesian villagers have sued the country's president and a number of other high-level government officials over the impacts of climate change and environmental destruction in their province, reports Mongabay-Indonesia.

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 5 months ago

      It isn't that we say, "It doesn't matter about me all that much, but if I changed the world, it would be better for other people." It's less complicated than that. We don't set out to save the world; we set out to wonder how other people are doing and to reflect on how our actions affect other people's hearts.

      Pema Chodron

    • Thuy Usahi SALT LAKE, HI
      • 9 months ago

      "We are facing a tipping point of environmental crisis unprecedented in human history and our very survival is dependent on protecting nature." -Leonardo DiCaprio

      It's vital to the existence of the human race and all living beings on earth that we protect #wildlife, our precious yet limited #Rainforests, #MarineWildlife, and our #Oceans to #MitigateClimateChange!

      FACT: Our Oceans only survive because of the existence of our Marine Wildlife. They are the #Lifeblood of our aquatic world. We ground bound humans derive over 50% of our much needed oxygen as a byproduct of our seas. If we do not preserve and protect all Marine Wildlife we will soon find ourselves gasping for breath.

      FACT: Over 40% of the Earth’s critical oxygen supply emanates from our world’s forests. One of our most productive ecological treasures is the rainforests of Indonesia. THIS AREA STORES MORE CARBON THAN THE ENTIRE WORLD EMITS IN 9 YEARS. This gem is also home to several critically endangered species like the Elephant, the Rhino, the Orangutan, and the Sumatran Tiger. These iconic creatures have a major positive impact on the world’s environment, unlike human beings. They are the IRREPLACEABLE GARDENERS of our forests. Despite their rich ecological value, these forest habitats are constantly under threat of damage and destruction. Global Corporations, interested in profits and not ecology, are constantly wiping out our precious forests by logging the land and replanting palm oil plantations.

      FACT: Palm oil plantations will only last for approximately 20 to 50 years before the soil is completely drained of its vital nutrients and the palm trees are too matured to produce palm fruit, which is why palm oil is very much a short-term commodity, and not a long-term sustainable solution.

      FACT: Orangutans are a keystone species. They help spread many tree seeds; many of which can only germinate once they have passed through the gut of an orangutan. They enjoy consuming termites therefore the rainforest trees are healthy and termite-free thanks to the orangutans. These beautiful apes are vital in order to preserve the delicate ecosystems of Borneo and Sumatra and maintain the rich bio-diversity of Fauna and Flora in these dense jungles.

      #Orangutans cannot live without the rainforest, and the rainforest cannot live without orangutans.

      ORANGUTANS *are* the biosphere. Saving orangutan *is* saving the biosphere.

      FACT: #Elephants are the single biggest animal influencers of the environment next to humans. #Elephants are the guardians of forests, if they disappear, so will a myriad species of trees. Forest eco-systems depend on elephants; elephants are master “seed dispensers”, they are traveling gardeners; there are over dozens of trees in the forests known to rely solely on the elephants for propagation. They are the mighty and majestic keepers of the great green cathedrals of Earth.

      ELEPHANTS *are* the biosphere. Saving elephant *is* saving the biosphere.

      FACT: The rhino is what’s called an umbrella species. Like an umbrella protects you from the rain, conservation of an umbrella species can indirectly protect many other species. Rhinos break paths through dense brush and forest and make way for other animals. #Rhinos are herbivores. They generally eat leafy material, although their ability to ferment food in their hindgut allows them to subsist on more fibrous plant matter, if necessary. Rhinos prune bushes, small trees and shrubs as they eat, and when they poop, they disperse seeds which eventually germinate and grow. Their dung enriches soil nutrition and structure. They also dig to create wallows, establishing pools of water benefiting other species such as frogs and insects that need them to complete their lifecycles. RHINOS *are* the biosphere.

      Saving rhinos *is* saving the biosphere.

      FACT: The number of tree species in ALL of North America is LESS than the number of tree species that can occur in just 25 Acres (10 Hectares) in the rainforests of Borneo. In analyzing satellite data, Greenpeace finds that some 300,000 hectares of Indonesia's rainforests were cleared for oil palm plantations between 2009 and 2011 alone! This kind of bio-diversity is crucial for survival and its destruction should never have been allowed!

    • Adrian Hey LONDON, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      We have to stop the deforestation and loss of wildlife associated with palm oil.

    • Linda Barcklay NEWCASTLE, OK
      • 10 months ago

      Because i care.

    • Meryl Pinque BANGOR, UNITED STATES
      • 10 months ago

      Animals are sentient beings.

      Stop exploitation: go vegan.


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