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Save the Tiger: Heed its "Leave Me Alone" call
  • Petitioning Dr. Manmohan Singh

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Prime Minister of India
Dr. Manmohan Singh

Save the Tiger: Heed its "Leave Me Alone" call

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      Sanctuary Asia

Caught in the crossfire of forest destruction and poaching, the tiger is fast slipping towards extinction. The tiger's slide is being mirrored by a rising tide of climate-related problems facing every country in the world, particularly India.

The voice of the tiger says: "Leave Me Alone". All it needs to survive is sufficient forested space, plus isolation and protection from humans. In return its regenerated forests offer humans their only real hope to counter the worst impacts of climate change, by turning nature's self-repairing systems over to the task of sequestering and storing carbon, moderating floods and droughts and ensuring both water and food security. Community-owned Nature Conservancies could also offer employment to millions of people on the Indian subcontinent. 

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    • Barbara Janes GFW-NL, CANADA
      • about 2 hours ago

      these beautiful creatures are wonderful gifts....let them live .

    • cassandra sempson AJAX, CANADA
      • about 2 hours ago

      tigers are apart of nature and we need them

    • Ingrida Butkeviciute LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 4 hours ago

      Because tigers and other animals are part of this world, they feel pain, hunger and everything what humans feels but they not advanced and not as strong as humans they need protection of modern species. They are important eco-system part and i believe they must be saved and protected.

    • harsh vishwakarma JAIPUR, INDIA
      • 1 day ago

      I love tigers and other animals , i've had eight different pets and above all i don't want tiger's to get extinct and i would be very happy if i could help in any way to save them.

      • 2 days ago

      Because it is directly related to my existence, for the entire human existence. Tiger is at top of the food chain, we need to propogate this.


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