Golden Post Box(es) for Marlow please
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Golden Post Box(es) for Marlow please

    1. Dave Hampton
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      Dave Hampton

      Marlow, United Kingdom

November 2012


From petition creator Dave Hampton: "Dear fellow signatories, Thanks for your support with all this. It's great that we have a happy ending. Thanks entirely to the wonderful Naomi Riches for Marlow's oar-some Golden Post Box. Personally, I've no regrets, and I'd like to thank you all sincerely for joining in and keeping up the pressure. Over and out! Dave"

We doubt there's a location in the UK that suits a golden postbox more than Marlow!!! The birthplace of Sir Steve Redgrave, the long-term training ground for golden 2012 GB Womens Team, home of Olympic Gold Medallists Katherine Grainger (2012), Greg Searle (1992), Zac Purchase (2008), and home to many many other amazing Olympians, e.g. Sarah Winckless...

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    1. Recent Naomi Riches interview on Marlow FM

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      If you missed it here's Marlow FM interview with Naomi on 'Listen Again'

      NaomiRiches by Dave Hampton

      Interview with rowing Gold Medallist NAOMI RICHES by Dave Hampton as broadcast on Marlow FM 15th October 2012 Copyright Marlow Ltd 2012 By kind permission of Marlow FM Ltd

    2. Marlow's Golden Post Box to STAY gold! Thank you Naomi Riches :D

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      ‎***Oh and I've just seen an official (great news) tweet from Royal Mail***

      @NaomiRiches2012 Your #GoldPostBox is staying gold! We're also adding a commemorative plaque too!

      > you may wish to follow Naomi on twitter too - she is so wonderful!!!

    3. Phew!!! We did it.

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser


      We're getting out the gold paint for @NaomiRiches2012 tomorrow in Marlow
      cc @marlow_rowing @MyMarlowUK

    4. Nearly there?

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Well today the rather wonderful Naomi Riches and her crew won GOLD - in a moment of crowing glory for her, her crew, and the entire TeamGB Olympic Rowing Team 2012.
      I'd like to say a huge WELL DONE to the GB Mixed 4. Glorious and victorious!
      (I was there, and singing at top of my voice.) This is wonderful news in it's own right.

      But by a curious twist, it may be good news for Marlow's campaign for justice too!

      I've tweeted Royal Mail a reminder as below. You may want to do similar.

      @royalmail gave GB mens 4 a grand total of 7 golden post boxes; I trust our mixed 4 will be treated equally? @marlow_rowing @NaomiRiches2012

      I think we are nearly there....

    5. My favourite line from a letter to our MP Dominic Grieve...

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      (... so far)

      "Rowing is one of Marlow's principal exports - if you can put pressure on the Royal Mail - the townsfolk will love you. They might even elect you again!"

      A huge thank you to all of you who have emailed Dominic Grieve about this. It only takes a minute, and shorter is better.

      Dominic Grieve (Marlow's MP) email is

      Keep up the pressure...

    6. Suggest we all contact same people:

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      I suggest we all focus comms on :
      National Press Office :
      Shane O’Riordain
      Director of Communications
      Tel: 020 7449 8105
      Email: shane.o’
      AND / OR
      Candice Macdonald
      PR Manager - Corporate
      Tel: 020 7449 8261

      Alternative is to write to the CEO, Moya Greene.

    7. Over to Facebook ?

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      I think we may need to resort to a facebook group
      (Lymington mounted an effective and ultimatgely successful campaign thus)
      So I've created a group for us all:- please join
      This should help us all share info, swop ideas, and act together.... thanks

    8. Royal Mail have given a golden box to Henley - unbelievable

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Royal Mail have given a golden box to Henley - for an unbelievably weak 'reason' compared to everything they have said before. Henley's case is much much weaker than Marlows. Please do what you can to highlight this crazy injustice.

      "Henley Rowers"
      "A celebration of Henley Rowing Clubs"
      "This box on Hart Street, Henley-on-Thames, has been painted gold to recognise the number of rowers who have emerged from the rowing clubs in the town and achieved significant success at London 2012."

    9. Specifics

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      And more specifically... (ideally please read previous "News" item first)

      Take a quick look at the Royal Mail map of the locations of golden post boxes:

      1. There is a rather odd VOID of golden postboxes: in the Thames Valley, in the shape of an exclusion zone radius approx 50 miles, centred roughly on Marlow?!
      2. Katherine Grainger of all people, should clearly be offered TWO boxes. One of the GB men's four has been given two. Why? 4 others with 1 medal have 2 boxes.
      3. Noone has ever claimed Sir Steve was 'entitled' to a post box in Marlow Bottom for what he did in 2012. The idea was that an honorary Royal Mail Golden Post Box for Sir Steve would be universally welcomed, applauded and understood. He is after all the (oft-stated) upstream inspiration behind so many of the 29 2012 golds!
      4. Finally, can we all unite in wishing Naomi Riches success in the Paralympics.

    10. Campaign update + campaign statement

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Have been keeping a close eye on developments, including having a chuckle at some of the misleading things some cynical people are saying about it. Keeping it positive:

      Here is precisely where our campaign started; the exact statement that more than 320 of you, from all over the UK, have signed. Thank you all:

      "We doubt there's a location in the UK that suits a golden postbox more than Marlow!!! The birthplace of Sir Steve Redgrave, the long-term training ground for golden 2012 GB Womens Team, home of Olympic Gold Medallists Katherine Grainger (2012), Greg Searle (1992), Zac Purchase (2008), and home to many many other amazing Olympians, e.g. Sarah Winckless..."

      We can all agree or disagree about the detail of why, where, how and whether Marlow deserves one, but for what it's worth I am 100% confident that our opening statement still stands:

      Few towns in the whole UK (GB) would suit a golden postbox more than Marlow.

    11. SUCCESS for Lymington announced in last few hours?

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Royal Mail have agreed to repaint the letterbox in Lymington High Street Gold.

      Royal Mail spokesperson Val Bodden said: “Royal Mail is delighted to mark the achievement of TeamGB athletes winning gold medals at London 2012 ... (etc etc) ... We initially picked Restronguet in Cornwall as the place Ben Ainslie grew up and where he first learned to sail.

      “However, after speaking with Ben, we have agreed to repaint the postbox on Lymington High Street at his request, and are delighted to do so."

      “Ben is a local hero in Lymington and now he will be one of the few lucky TeamGB gold medallists to have two gold post boxes celebrating his achievement.
      “We will strip the paint from the postbox in the next few days and then repaint it gold."
      “However, we still highly recommend people leave the painting of postboxes to Royal Mail.”

      Well worth a look at their Facebook group:

    12. Maidenhead Advertiser piece

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      if only Bucks Free Press could be as positive and professional. A good piece.

      "Each of these gold medal winners have had a postbox painted gold in the community they are, or have been closely associated with. This could be where they were born, where they grew up or where they presently live and we look at all these factors before reaching a considered choice." say Royal Mail's spokes.

      But there are several (FOUR in fact! ) <FIVE now (Ed.)> single gold medal winners who have been given TWO post boxes.
      A member of the GB Mens rowing coxless team (of four people) has already been given TWO. This simply can't be right. Three others have been given two. And if anyone deserves two, Katherine does.

      Let's hope Katherine Grainger asks Royal Mail set things straight - and award her a second box.

      See link below

    13. Why doesn't Royal Mail ask Katherine Grainger if she would like two - too?

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      (Like one of the four men in the heavyweight men's four has already been given...)

      Just for info - the four Olympians who have already been given an EXTRA post box - over and above their Gold medal tally are:-

      Andy Murray

      Bradley Wiggins

      Laura Trott - (2 gold medals, 3 post boxes)

      Pete Reed

    14. Good News:- Maidenhead Advertiser back Marlow FM campaign

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      NB Campaign logic is in three parts:

      1) If any one of our Olympians merit a second post box (and note - some athletes *have been* given two already) then Katherine Grainger does - so she should be asked where she would like her 2nd one, please.

      2) Sir Steve Redgrave - as THE principle inspirer - of the entire Olympic TeamGB 2012!!!!! - surely deserves a special one-off golden post box of his own in his home town - Marlow Bottom. Absolutely no-one in their right mind would dispute this!!! He is the biggest single upstream motivator behind 29 yes 29 Gold medals!!! One post box please. ;)

      3) Royal Mail could choose to celebrate the amazing early success of GB Women's Rowing - the first EVER women's Olympic Rowing Gold in history - closely followed by TWO MORE in 2012!! Where better than Marlow - the GB womens team training ground - to put a *third* Golden Post Box

      Yet (so far) Royal Mail don't seem to think Marlow deserves even one !!!

      Please lobby them...

    15. Our Petition has been posted to Moya Greene CEO Royal Mail

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Just to say a huge thank you all for your support. THANK YOU! OOOOO

      I noticed so many good friend's names, as I printed off a hard copy of the petition for despatch!

      We finished with 284 signatures, including many from further afield - all over UK in fact.

      Maybe Marlow will end up with FIVE Golden Post Boxes.... we certainly merit at least TWO!

      Katherine Grainger, of all people, totally merits a Golden post box in England, ideally in Marlow.
      Sir Steve Redgrave alone merits one - for his inspiration of entire TeamGB 2012, ideally in Marlow.
      Marlow's other Gold medal winners in previous Olympics Zac Purchase & Greg Searle merit one.
      The successful Women's Olympic Rowing TeamGB 2012 merits one - ideally in Marlow.

      And let's all rally round in support of Women's Paralympic Rowing Team member Naomi Riches from Marlow (@NaomiRiches2012 on twitter) who will be competing for Gold over the next few weeks....

    16. Just sent to Royal Mail

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Dear Natasha

      I thought it might be helpful to summarise why Katherine Grainger - of all people - deserves at least TWO golden post boxes (if not more!! ;)

      Katherine has been singled out by many as THE inspiration behind Team GB Women's Rowing success. TeamGB rowing also inspired Gold (women) in other sports.

      Katherine's Olympic track record is truly exceptional:-

      Before the Olympics she was SIX TIMES world champion!!!!
      Before the Olympics she was THREE TIMES Olympic SILVER medallist, 2000, 2004, & 2008!!!

      And now she has won GOLD at London

      A golden Marlow post box in Katherine's honour is surely just a matter of time…

      Given the sport of rowing's contribution to the Olympics one solitary Golden Post Box on the map - on the Thames - seems a very small ask.


    17. Royal Mail appear to have given TWO Gold Post Boxes to several athletes now

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      It emerges Royal Mail have given an extra post box to as many as seven athletes - and counting.

      RM's original objection to our case for a Post Box for Katherine Grainger was that she had already chosen Aberdeen, but it seems they are giving LOADS of athletes a second box. Katherine would surely want a post box for Marlow?

      Katherine Grainger has been THE inspirational figurehead of our Olympic women's team for a decade.
      And Marlow is where the Olympic women train.

      So it turns out we have a good case for (at least) TWO Golden Post Boxes. One for Katherine Grainger, one for Sir Steve Redgrave, and possibly more...

      I think the time has come to ask you all to politely but persistently contact Natasha in the Press Office:

      For further information contact:
      Natasha Ayivor
      Royal Mail Press Office
      Tel: 020 020 7449 8250
      Mobile: 07436 280002

    18. > 250 people cry out for town of Marlow - Sir Steve's birthplace

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Bucks Free Press haven't helped much.
      Maidenhead Advertiser have reported the campaign accurately and supportively..
      There is useful campaigning activity on twitter. #GoldenPostBox4Marlow

      The campaign headline story is really very simple:

      Sir Steve Redgrave (alone) is widely recognised by GB sports people as THE inspiration behind much of the nation's 2012 GB Olympic success. Without him, and Marlow, we wouldn't be where we are.

      RoyalMail can easily celebrate Sir Steve (& Marlow's other Olympic Gold medal rowers) with a Golden Post Box: to do so would be a smart move - which everyone would applaud nationally and locally.
      A right royal golden opportunity.

      (The rest is tittle tattle.)

      The town of Marlow has a strong claim in its own right.
      Add it being Sir Steve's hometown and you have a whole town crying out for a Golden Postbox.
      I am confident Royal Mail will see the sense in this


    19. Reached 250 signatures
    20. Listen Again to last night's interview with the Mayor of Marlow

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      You can listen again to my interview with Jocelyn Towns, Mayor of Marlow

      I need help now. I need to hand over the batten...

      Please can you try and keep the buzz of this Petition - and recruit more signatures?
      The Petition will be sent to Royal Mail at the end of the week.

    21. Reached 100 signatures
    22. Jocelyn Towns - Mayor of Marlow backs the campaign (in a personal capacity)

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      This evening (Monday 6th) I am delighted to report that the Mayor of Marlow, Jocelyn Towns, kindly came to the Marlow FM studio (on the 'Watt Next' show) to give her personal enthusiastic backing to the "Golden Postbox for Marlow" campaign. One way or another, we can win this. But Marlow's campaign will need to stand tall above the rest. Please spread the word, and get friends to sign.

    23. Reached 50 signatures
    24. Support coming in from all directions -fantastic. We can win Gold!

      Dave Hampton
      Petition organiser

      Marlow 97.5 FM is now backing this campaign....
      So are River and Rowing Museum, Prof Greg Whyte, MyMarlow and Olympian Sarah Winckless - all have tweeted support, so have a very large growing number of key people.

      What we are up against is that 100s of other towns are lobbying Royal Mail as we speak.
      But - I am confident - Marlow has the strongest "case" -in the whole of GB - with Sir Steve - the Daddy of Team GB - and I think he would love a golden Post Box!!!

      Let's do it.


    Reasons for signing

    • edward flickere SHOEBURYNESS ESSEX, REUNION
      • over 1 year ago

      i am 86 years old and registered disabled and need something local

      • almost 2 years ago

      Because Marlow is entitled to this with the history of Marlovians who have achieved at Olympic /Paralympic Rowing-Please do not forget Naomi Riches who is a marlow Rowing Club member and lives in the town. She won bronze inBejing and a gold last Sunday at Dorney.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Home town to me and Katherine Grainger and training ground for rowing team GB

    • Felicity Morgan BOOKHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 2 years ago

      Regularly visit Marlow and given its history feel a gold postbox is well deserved

    • Sheila Hutchins BOURNE END, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 2 years ago

      They trained in Marlow and deserve it.


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