Royal Commission into Banks and Mortgage Corruption
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Prime Minister of Australia
The Hon. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister

Royal Commission into Banks and Mortgage Corruption

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      Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (Inc).

There is a worldwide epidemic of corruption by banks in mortgage lending. World leaders have done next to nothing to protect consumers.

We have documentary proof that Australia’s poorest people are being mired in debt by major banks. Loan applications have been fraudulently tampered with after signatures obtained. Banks used computer programmes to exaggerate incomes, approving unaffordable loans to low income people. The clear intention by banks was to deceive people and steal their homes. It has ruined a huge number of lives and damaged economies.

Spain, Greece, America, Cyprus, Iceland, UK and so many other countries are infected. Mortgage Fraud is illegal. Bank Directors are the engineers. This despicable business of preying on the poor and ageing, in the pursuit of ever more profit has got to stop.

BFCSA now launches a world-wide Save our Homes Campaign. Help us gain justice for the victims of bank mortgage fraud.

We are the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (Inc).  

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Like our Facebook page. Please share this with everyone you can. People Power will drive this issue forward to recover lost homes and compensate victims.

The Hon. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister, Prime Minister of Australia
Royal Commission into Banks and Mortgage Corruption

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    1. You have done it! New Political Party has the Numbers!

      Australian Voice Party has the numbers to register for the upcoming Federal Election. Thanks to all for their support. Watch out for Senators in your state and support our call for a Royal Commission to stamp out Bank Corruption. Join the Australian Voice Party here

    2. Urgent Announcement

      We are in the last few days, when you can make a difference. We need to stop banks' corruption stealing peoples' homes and lives. By filling in the form below, you will help us register the Australian Voice Party and be one step nearer a Royal Commission into banking. Please do it now, include your family and friends if you can. Fax it to (08) 6225 2382 or email to Click here for the form

    3. Join the New Political Party to stamp out Corruption

      The new Australian Voice Party will be registered in two weeks. Join us now.
      For too long, the main parties have not taken notice of what Australians are saying. We aim to change that. Less corruption. More accountability. Let our peoples' voices be heard.
      We are gathering momentum with a few hundred members. Now looking for more members in order to register in two weeks for the upcoming Federal Election. Please join (fee has been waived) by printing out the form on this link
      Fill it in and email to or you can fax to 6225 2382. Thank you.

    4. Help us Stop Bank Fraud - Breaking News!

      URGENT! - We need your help to register a new political party. The Australian Voice Party will put the welfare of Australians before political gain. It will bring a Royal Commission into Banks closer. But you need to act NOW and join us. It is free to get the numbers required. Click on the link to our Facebook page, click on the form and print it. Complete and email to or fax to (08)6225 2382 marked Australian Voice. Please note - Couples each complete a form. Thank you. Here's the link

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    • Stephen Prohm WAUCHOPE, AUSTRALIA
      • 9 months ago

      Because of the unequal power relationship between financial insto's and people.

    • Maree Baker AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      The banks lend money from thin air - fractional lending. This is not sustainable.And that is only the beginning

    • Ailsa Boyden FARLEIGH, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      Because banksters, worldwide, have been getting away with 'murder'. Why should they be able to lend money that does not exist and charge interest on it?

    • Rod Jones AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      I was given a substantial loan over 30 years at almost 65 years old which in hindsight we could not afford, with no repayment plan, interest paid for from another loan, and only exit strategy was to liquidate our home to pay the debit. Clearly the loan was far outside lending guidelines and breached both current and previous legislation. I am currently 71 years of age and cannot afford my loan payments and have not been able to sell my home so what do my wife and I do.

    • robin lehmann AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      becauseof people should not be robbed of the savings and hhomes


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