Honour Bapu and support Hazare
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Honour Bapu and support Hazare

    1. Gaurav Bakshi
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      Gaurav Bakshi

      Noida, India

If Rahul Gandhi wants to honour Bapu and all that he did for his family and this country, then he should support Anna Hazare the modern day Bapu.

Mahatma Gandhi moulded Nehru to become our first Prime Minister launching the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. If Rahul aspires to earn his leadership role--rather than merely inherit it-- he must now stay true to Bapu's vision and values.

Bapu stood for people power, for truth, humility, justice, non-violence and love. A Jan Lokpal strives to shine the light of truth on corruption, to deliver justice, and to act in humility by treating all individuals as equal, whether they be Prime Minister or an IAS officer. Hazare's anit-corruption movement is founded on love, absolutely committed to non-violence, and is the greatest demonstration of people power in this country since Bapu himself.

As Hazare reminds us, the very independence Gandiji gave his life to is once again at stake. If we want India's youth to grow up in a truly free nation, Rahul Gandhi must stand up now.

So let us collectively call on Rahul to honor the legacy of Bapu, hear the call Anna Hazare and loudly proclaim his support for the Jan Lokpal.

Please Sign this petition and send it to all your friends and family.

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      • over 2 years ago

      because iam an indian

    • jasmeet alagh DELHI, DE
      • over 2 years ago

      i am signing it bcoz the day has come when we need to have a law which can stop corruption effectively.

      • over 2 years ago

      Dear Rahul, DO you think u r mature enough to comment about the Anna Hazare. The Congress has ruled this country for 65 years and brought just agony and miseries. You are eager to go bhatta parsul but not in the congress ruled state on land aquisition.

      If you are true Indian than why dont you insist on the black money which was siphoned off by the corrupt polititicians and buerucrats to be brought back in India.

      Moreover merely spending night with backward class people in their hut will not bring the prosperity in the counrty but doing something constructive and implementing the laws with iron fist only bring the actual goal of being indian.

      We were the Golden bird in old gold days and with 200 years of british rule has extorted the money to the tune of 100 lac crore, where as in just 65 years of congress rule 280lac crores has been siphoned off from india,.

      Still u need to be told about the facts and figures

    • kolli madhu HYDRABAD, AP
      • over 2 years ago

      to set up an independent and autonomos organisaion to probe,book and prosicute public representatives at all levels,beurocrats,law dispensing officers,business people.no interferance from politicians

    • Annelise Ekland BARTOW, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Bapu stood for people power, for truth, humility, justice, non-violence and love. We ALL must honor the legacy of Bapu as now worked by Anna Hazare. Stand up and loudly proclaim support for the Jan Lokpal.


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