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Before your mobile phone arrived in your neighborhood store, it was possibly in dozens of other countries. Its parts came from every corner of the globe, different suppliers and scores of workers. Nearly everything we own follows a similar, complex path known as globalisation. When closely monitored, globalisation has the potential to bring millions out of poverty. But when left unchecked, it can fuel the ugliest trade known to man – modern slavery.

Modern slavery is the human crisis of our time; 20.9 million people are currently living in conditions of slavery. The majority are in a forced labour situation, working under threat of violence, abuse and harsh penalties. Without consistent supply chain monitoring by companies, many suppliers are exploiting the system - and people - to turn a profit.

Corporate Giants drive globalisation and have the power to stop forced labour in supply chains, dealing a swift blow to the slavery industry. Worth a combined $5 trillion USD, these companies have always been at the forefront of innovation, shaping our lives with new technologies and medical breakthroughs.

Ask Corporate Giants to make ending modern slavery their next major innovation and urge them to sign the Zero Tolerance for Slavery Pledge.

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