Protect the Basic Rights of Teachers
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Protect the Basic Rights of Teachers

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      Teacher Rights

Texas teachers are suffering due to a lack of enforcement and protection by district administrations, law enforcement, and administrative agencies that have left many teachers without a voice. Some teachers in this state have been dehumanized and oppressed; they have been stripped of their rights, their voices, and their basic utilities of instruction. It is time that educators be given back the power in their classrooms and be given the rights to speak, stand up, and most importantly educate. They are trained and degreed profressionals who have important input into the education system which is often wrongfully portrayed as dysfunctional. Their voices must be heard and taken into account.

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      It is time to fight! ... An essay by Jennifer Leigh

      Our teachers are one of our most valuable national treasures... They are the soul of our future prosperity. They are more than our smart, passionate, skilled and educated, ... they are our our smart, passionate, skilled and educated who are also willing to give all they have for almost nothing in return...

    2. Valuing Education

      Readin', 'Ritin', 'Rithmatic

      Education is a hot button topic these days. Did you know that? Probably not. The general population isn't terribly interested in education. It is important to a few sections of the public: teachers, students, parents, politicians.

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    4. Teachers are Uniting

      A BAT teacher speaks out, explaining the BAT movement...

      The general public is soon to become very familiar with the BAT movement. It is a phenomenon both built by, and driven by, truth and love. In the beautifully written piece, BAT teacher Jennifer Clarke explains the root of what is going on... The Time is Now!

    5. Teachers are Uniting.

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      Crimes happen on campuses, and they are easily erased. It cannot continue.

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    7. End Teacher Abuse

      NAPTA: National Association for Prevention of Teacher Abuse

      Bullying Pervasive in Many Schools Dying to Teach Watch Video about Mary Thorson who committed suicide - a casuality of teacher abuse. Read the full story here.

    8. Education will affect the vote

      This Democrat Losing Faith in Party Commitment to Education

      As the Democratic Party seems unable to gain traction on a variety of issues, including gun control, and environmental and economic legislation, Yahoo asked Democratic and liberal voters to write about one issue they'd like their party leaders to make a top priority now. Here's one.

    9. Teachers are starting to stand up

      Academe Blog

      They are right. All of them. We are in the midst of a dismantling of the United States as we have known it for nearly a century, a dismantling sparked by those with less interest in sharing the wealth than in amassing as much as they can for themselves-to hell with the rest of them.

    10. Poverty is killing test scores

      Poverty is what's crippling public education in the US-not bad teachers

      Earlier this month in New Zealand, the minister of education Hekia Parata shared a piece of knowledge that has become common the world over. In the Southland Times, "Experts have found that four consecutive years of quality teaching eliminated any trace of socio-economic disadvantage." The source of this is an American economist by the name...

    11. It is becoming an epidemic

      Fed Up Teachers Refuse to Teach Summer School in Texas

      Summer school in Dallas is lacking one critical component. On Tuesday, classes began in the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) with about 6,000 students, and a very limited amount of teachers. "We've never had a shortage for summer school, never.

    12. My rights stopped, but their abuses haven't.

      I learned today, that the district docked my pay for the days they had me leave so they could protect the violent student. How is this not an abuse of power and an abuse of my place as an educator? They agreed that I did nothing wrong. They agreed that I fulfilled my ALL duties of my contract. They agreed to pay out my contract. This situation is truly out of control and should be an affront to the senses of every educator and anyone with a sense of justice.

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    14. It shouldn't be over because I have no rights

      I officially went through every administrative process. Today, sadly I learned I was denied by the TEA. Their reason, simply put, was because the most appropriate solution was to follow through with my grievance and have the school board handle it. This is despite my explanation that I was given a no-win ultimatum. Please understand my actions are not just on behalf of myself. I will not return to teaching until changes are made. But I am using my experience as an example, one by which other teachers can learn, and one that can be used as the beginning of change for those of you still teaching that have been silenced by the burden of the bureaucracy. I hope that you will be able to have a voice, rights, and liberties to which you do not deserve to be denied. I was forced out early for trying to stand up and was cautioned that standing up would cost me, and it did. But it doesn't have to stay that way. It will never change if you are unwilling to stand up too.


    Reasons for signing

    • Stephanie Sans-Szymonik GLASTONBURY, CT
      • 2 months ago

      It's my beloved profession

    • Angela Moore GROVES, TX
      • 3 months ago

      Texas Teacher

    • Carolyn Doswell NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA
      • 5 months ago

      Teachers are not public slaves.

    • amy glanzman SAN JOSE, CA
      • 5 months ago

      This is a TX case, but I am feeling this in CA. Teachers need support, especially against bullying tactics. Knowing that I am doing what is right, standing up to the bully tactics, has placed me in a sticky situation with my union. Watching the powers that be continue to push at teachers is no longer acceptable. Speaking out has resulted in malicious reassignments and other forms of harassment. It is not ok, and I will no longer put up with it.

    • Paulette Del Casale KENNESAW, GA
      • 6 months ago

      This is important to me because it is ALL true, and happening all over our public schools in the United States.


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