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Problems in the United States of America with Student Loands and Tuition Rates

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      J E

      Faversham, United Kingdom

I have heard of a dire situation involving college tuition fees and loans. Also of unrealistic expectations and inflations that are messing up people's lives. I was motivated to start this petition by the plight of a friend who is at least $1000 in debt and he was denied financial aid even though he is disabled.

The student loan rates are way too high and because of these rates its hard to go and pay back the loans within a reasonable amount of time.

Also the tuition rates are getting out of hand and its because of these rates that those who want to study really can't because of these insanely high rates.

To those of you signing who are from the United States of America, please get in touch with a representative to get the issue across.

Also I address this to those who are in college and those who have graduated and have to pay these loans.

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      J E
      by J E
      Petition organiser

      Thanks for everyone who signed, I had no illusions about it but thanks anyway guys.

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