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16 Apr 2014

Fabulous. Brave. Path-breaking: The Justice J.S. Verma Commission report

The Justice J.S. Verma Commission delivered its 631-page report on January 23, just 29 days after it was set up. Comprising 14 chapters, an introduction, conclusions and recommendations and as many as 11 appendices, this report will go down as a landmark in India's fight for gender justice. The report covers not just rape (including marital rape) and sexual assault but also sexual harassment at the workplace, trafficking of women and children, khap panchayats and 'honour' killings, sentencing and punishment, protocols for the medico-legal examination of victims, police reforms, electoral reforms and education and perception reforms. It includes people of all sexual orientations. And it addresses the issue of sexual violence by armed and paramilitary forces. You can read the entire report here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/121781170/Justice-Verma-Report Finally, a big thank you to all of you for your tremendous support. You helped make this happen.

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