Stop transporting Dolphins.
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Stop transporting Dolphins.

    1. Barbara Napoles
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      Barbara Napoles

      Miami, FL

July 2012


This week, Garuda Indonesia Airlines announced that it was reviewing its policy on transporting live animals and would no longer transport dolphins for the traveling circus. Garuda Indonesia's VP of Corporate Communication, Pujibroto said, "Garuda has a commitment to environmental protection, including protecting the dolphins. Garuda will no longer carry the dolphins in the foreseeable future." The announcement follows local protests and more than 1,700 around the world signing the petition on Garuda joins Carrefour and Ace Hardware in the growing list of businesses refusing to support the traveling dolphin circuses.

As hard as it is to believe, dolphin traveling circuses are a big hit in Indonesia. There are three separate companies running these inhumane operations, much to the delight of the uninformed spectators who pay pennies each to see the dolphins perform.

There are 72 dolphins currently enslaved in Indonesia illegally, many of which are in captivity in these three traveling circuses. The following three separate companies still run traveling dolphin shows on the main Indonesian island of Java: WSI, Taman Safari Indonesia and Ancol.

These 72 bottlenose and stenella dolphins are kept in the most appalling of conditions to preform for audiences across island of Java. The animals are frequently hauled out of their plastic performing pools and loaded into the back of trucks along with other animals as the circuses move from town to town. They are kept in a coffin-like plastic lined material. They are moved in trucks through all the island in Indonesia.

Garuda Airlines has to stop hauling this illegal cargo. Most of the Dolphins do not have the permission to be in captivity. Dolphins suffer many stresses in captivity the transportation is so stressful for the animals that many of the dolphins die due to this stress and lack of proper care and mishandle..

There is also evidence that all of the dolphins have all been caught illegally from the wild. Other animals kept in the circus are baby sunbears, small clawed otters, yellow crested cockatoos and an orangutan.

"Garuda awarded the World’s Best Regional Airline & the Best Regional Airline in Asia" should be ashamed of transporting Dolphins not only for Circus shows in Indonesia but to anywhere in the world!

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    1. Thank you!

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Thanks to pressure from this petition and local activists, Garuda Indonesia Airlines has committed to stop flying dolphins for the traveling circuses. Their decision was covered in the news throughout Indonesia. This victory couldn't have happened without you, but now we need to keep the pressure on other businesses to pull their support from the circuses. Here are two ways you can take action:
      1) Thank Garuda Airlines to show them and other businesses that people are paying attention to whether or not they choose to support cruelty. Sample tweet: Thank you @IndonesiaGaruda for refusing to support dolphin cruelty! #stopsirkuslumba
      2) Sign the petition asking supermarkets in Indonesia to stop supporting the traveling circuses:
      - We will personally deliver the petition below in Wash. DC towards end of Aug.

    2. The BBC reports on Garuda Airlines

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      Sebuah petisi yang diinisiasi oleh aktivis lingkungan asal AS Barbara Napoles mendesak untuk memboikot Garuda dan meminta pemerintah Indonesia untuk menghentikan pertunjukan keliling yang menggunakan lumba-lumba.

    3. Garuda Reviews Policies

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      The petition was initiated by Barbara Napoles from Florida — besides calling for a boycott of Garuda, the petition also calls on the Indonesian government to put an end to dolphin shows. Den Haas said Garuda should be responsible for the suffering and exploitation of what she called “blood dolphins,” because they transported them in small crates from Japan to Bali.
      These are blood dolphins, that is why my page on facebook was created "Save the Blood Dolphins" to bring awareness to the plight of the captive dolphins and the slaughter of "blood dolphins" in Taiji.
      This was made possible by the powers of a petition and people like you! Thank you once again for signing the petition.

    4. Reached 1,500 signatures
    5. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!!

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      "Garuda will not be transporting dolphins again in the future", official statement from Garuda Corporate Communications Vice President, Mr. Pujobroto as reported in, The Jakarta Post, Monday 16 July 2012. Thank you to all who signed the Petition!

    6. Check out the new photo just posted on the petition.

      Barbara Napoles
      Petition organiser

      This is the proof that they are transporting dolphins. Last night the cargo hold of a plane in Bali carried the dolphins to another location. Garuda awarded the World’s Best Regional Airline & the Best Regional Airline in Asia!! Should act responsibly.
      The traveling circus Lumba Lumba was in Bali. Please help us!

    7. Reached 1,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • maria saldanha LISBOA, PORTUGAL
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is important to me because it represents a form of torture for Dolphins .

      So , please stop transporting live animals and start treating them with respect

      and humanity

    • Ruth McD REDMOND, OR
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am so ecstatic for the victory of no longer transporting dolphins. We are heard for them:)

    • elizabeth henzell UBUD, INDONESIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is unsafe and has been proven. The dolphins were kept out of the water for much longer than is safe. It is a disgrace and MUST END NOW.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Because that activity like torture of animals

    • Aulia Rahman SURABAYA, INDONESIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      let's rescue the animal, conserve the world! save the human!


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