Stop overselling your buses and guarantee customers seats they've paid for.
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Stop overselling your buses and guarantee customers seats they've paid for.

    1. Cristina Moon
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      Cristina Moon

      Providence, RI

Earlier this summer, I waited in 90 degree heat for a Peter Pan bus from Providence, RI to New York, NY. Not only was the bus late, five passengers including myself were left behind because there weren't any seats left on the bus -- even though we had bought our tickets hours, if not days, in advance! The relief bus we were promised never showed, we were never guaranteed seats on the next scheduled bus, and nobody from Peter Pan ever contacted any of us to apologize, offer our money back or guarantee us a ride to New York.

I started this petition because it's not just bad customer service to oversell buses -- the practice exploits people who don't have the resources to walk away and book another ride with a different bus company. Please sign my petition calling on Peter Pan to immediately stop overselling its buses and guarantee passengers a seat on the buses they've paid for. I know that if enough people in the northeast US make enough noise, Peter Pan will want to make the changes necessary to avoid damaging their brand.

Throughout my experience with Peter Pan, I was shocked at how the bus company disregarded the needs of passengers it had left stranded. The driver of the full bus told us that Dispatch was sending a relief bus, and that it would be there within 30 minutes. But the relief bus was canceled and nobody ever contacted us to let us know -- even though there's a Peter Pan representative inside Providence's Kennedy Plaza bus station and I had been tweeting at Peter Pan since the moment we weren't able to get on the original bus.

While I was fighting for a refund of my fare in the following weeks, Peter Pan's customer service later told me that seating is "first come first serve" -- but nowhere on any of the documentation I received from them (an email receipt or my actual ticket) is this stated.

Corporate practices like these harm and exploit the most vulnerable -- people who don't have the money or a smartphone to just walk away and choose another bus line. I want Peter Pan to stop this practice of overselling buses now, and guarantee their customers a seat on the buses they've paid for.

Peter Picknelly, Chairman & CEO
Lenny Rottenberg, General Manager, Boston, MA Division
Frank Dougherty, Vice President, Operations
Kimberly Haile, Marketing Director
Michael Cruise, Manager, Customer Service
K. Bolducci, Marketing Manager
Stop overselling your buses and guarantee customers seats they've paid for.

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    2. Response from Peter Pan!

      Cristina Moon
      Petition organiser

      I've talked to the VP of Operations and the Marketing Director of Peter Pan and they've let me know that they are in the middle of rolling out a new reservations system that will phase out first-come-first-serve ticketing and seating. This is great news!

      I've closed the petition for now, but am waiting for a public commitment to a definite timetable about this new system roll-out -- and for some sort of measure that will give customers the ability to complain and get rectification immediately if they're denied a seat on a bus they've paid for.

      Thank you for your signature and know that Peter Pan heard you! Now, it's just a matter of getting a public commitment.

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    • Mark Graham HOUSTON, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      This is just wrong on all levels. Paying customers should receive what they paid for and when they pay for it!

    • Scarlett Peter Pan SPRINGFIELD, MA
      • 4 months ago

      I used to work for Peter Pan and I had to quit because I was deceiving people and helping this greedy asshole Peter! The one that has turned this company to hell. His father was a better man and he will NEVER live up to his father's legacy. Little Peter stop insulting your hard working employees by paying them $9 an hour. You walk past your employees like you are superior. Karma will knock on your door one day. I hope you are ready to answer for your GREED.

    • Kristina Soto PROVIDENCE, RI
      • 7 months ago

      I have spent thousands of dollars on Peter Pan's bus service over the years... they rea

    • joe stetson BRATTLEBORO, VT
      • 8 months ago

      most people can,t walk as far as i can

    • Michael Klein AKRON, OH
      • 9 months ago

      I road Peter PAn buses for many years going to and from home to visit my intended while she studied in the Holyoke-Amhearst area of Mass. I always held the company in high regard. It sounds like whoever is in charge of the company now, needs to be replaced. This is not the Peter Pan I knew. This person will drive the company into the ground with this type of attitude toward customers!!!


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