NYC Mayoral Candidates: Show Us Your Climate Plan
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NYC Mayoral Candidates: Show Us Your Climate Plan

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October 29, 2013. It's not just the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. It's a reminder -- a call to action -- that the clock is ticking for New York City to prepare for the next big storm.

The next mayor must take immediate steps to make our city more resilient to changing weather patterns and rising seas. We need to pressure the candidates now -- before the election -- to clearly articulate their vision on this critical issue. And when the next mayor does take office, we need him to make long-term planning and investing a top priority.

Tell NYC Mayoral Candidates: Show us your plan for climate change!

Forget about Washington. Partisan gridlock in Congress means it will be almost impossible to get action from the federal government for the foreseeable future. That’s why it’s so important that New York City take action now – and our next mayor must lead the way.

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