Nordstrom: Re-hire 27-Year Pianist Juan Perez
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Nordstrom: Re-hire 27-Year Pianist Juan Perez

    1. Meghan Christenson
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      Meghan Christenson

      Seattle, WA

Juan Perez immigrated to the United States with only $300 in his pocket in 1985. He moved here in search of a better education for his children, and his search landed him in Tacoma, WA. A devout Catholic and musician, Mr. Perez heard from a nun at church about a store called Nordstrom and their need for a piano player.The competition at the interview was fierce, as Mr. Perez was dressed in casual clothing and everyone else dressed like they had been shopping at Nordstrom for years. Juan went home that day thinking that his chances for getting the job were slim. Later that day his wife fielded the call from Nordstrom that Juan was chosen above all of the other applicants. His life was forever changed by that phone call.

For 27 years, Mr. Perez played piano at the Tacoma, WA Nordstrom store, affording him the opportunity to send all of his children through school. His career was cut short on Sunday January 27, 2013, when Nordstrom decided that in an effort to make their stores more "modern" they would be switching to recorded music and let Mr. Perez go with one week notice.

Juan Perez's piano brought an unparalleled spirit to the Nordstrom store in Tacoma, WA for many years. He was a staple to that store, and always had a smile on his face.

Make them recognize the huge mistake they have made by laying him off. Sign the petition below.

For more reading see the Tacoma News Tribune Article here: Nordstrom pianist ends 27-year run

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    • Danny Smight VALENCIA, CA
      • 6 months ago

      To keep the arts alive!

    • Kate Holdsworth SEATTLE, WA
      • 7 months ago

      It is a long-running joke in my family that Juan was my babysitter growing up. While my mother would shop at Nordstrom, I would sit with him for hours and listen to him play. Such a kind and talented man who brings back many great memories for me - and obviously countless others!

    • amber hayes TACOMA, WA
      • about 1 year ago

      Juan deserves to have his job back, he works very hard for his family and he and they are currently struggling because he was booted from Nordstrom.

    • Mary Souza TACOMA, WA
      • over 1 year ago

      Have loved his music along with my shopping for over 20 years!!!

    • Shannon Souza COOS BAY, OR
      • over 1 year ago

      I grew up in Tacoma. Juan Perez's presence at the piano whenever I entered the store made me feel like I lived somewhere special. It told me that refinement, talent and grace were honored in my home town. It was an ubiquitous presence wafting about the air as I and my family or friends contemplated fashions and finery and compelled us to "step up" in our own personal refinement and presentation (often by purchasing that additional wardrobe or accessory piece!). Mr. Perez is a beautifully refined individual whose art gently suggests that the listener follow suit.


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