No Turtle Bay Resort expansion beyond the current footprint.
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William Alia
Senator, Hawaii
Clayton Hee

No Turtle Bay Resort expansion beyond the current footprint.

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The undeveloped land at Turtle Bay is home to Hawaiian monk seals, green sea turtles, hawksbill turtles, Hawaiian gallinules, stilts, coots, ducks, bats, ohai (sesbania-tomentosa) and others listed threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Two rare species of endemic bee that are on the candidate list for protection under ESA were found here recently. Turtle Bay is the home of many migratory birds, bristle thighed curlews, dowitchers, golden plovers, sanderlings, ducks and geese and others- all protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). There are many other birds, fish, invertebrates and plants that are protected at the State level as endemic (found only in Hawaii) and native. The exact inventory of plants and animals has not been determined because the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement released by the Resort in October 2013 did not contain tha information. Any further expansion would destroy fragile ecosystems that are home for these protected animals and plants. The number of "units" was set to triple, retail outlets, roads, condos and hotels would combine to destroy even the degraded "buffer" zones presently supporting these protected species. Even though degraded by the presence of a hotel, condos and golf courses there are enough fragile ecosystems to warrant restoration and preservation. Other laws protecting species and habitats at Turtle Bay are the Marine Mammal Protection Act and The Clean Water Act. It is part of the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary and a special agricultural and fish area. There is Supporting Habitat for four species of endangered waterbirds in Punaho'olapa Marsh and the adjacent James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge is Core Habitat for them. 120 species of birds have been documented there. Please put all of the undeveloped land in conservation for perpetuity. Thank you!

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    1. State of Hawaii-660 acres to be conserved-please kokua now.

      A huge milestone in preserving the coastal wetlands at Turtle Bay. However, we have a long way to go. Please go to and submit a comment supporting the conservation easement. The Hawaii Senate and House of Representatives have to actually release the funds for it in the next week! This petition has contributed to the momentum making this 660 acre victory possible. We remain committed to conserving all the undeveloped lands at Turtle Bay, ensuring that any development stays within the existing footprint and the survival and habitat of the indigenous, endemic, candidate, threatened and endangered species is enhanced. Let's take a moment to be thankful, look back and see how far we have come.

    2. Endangered Hawaiian Coot chicks @TBay & Nene next door!

      Aloha Friends, Yesterday we saw four Hawaiian coot chicks at Turtle Bay. Hawaiian Geese (nene) also have three goslings next door in the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge. Nene have not been seen in the wild on Oahu since the time of Captain Cook. Perhaps now, with the Kahuku-Kewela Conservation Partnership almost a reality for Turtle Bay, we should start advocating for the expansion of the JCNWR...into Turtle Bay! (It was going to but then lost the funding)
      We also successfully raised a bunch of money for Keep The North Shore Country. They filed a law suit with the Sierra Club against Turtle Bay Resort for their incomplete and inaccurate Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. We contributed a lot of information for this lawsuit too. We are hiking to Kahuku Point every weekend in April. Get in touch to join us! Keep sharing the petition. It is being shared with all the right people. Support our work

    3. Turtle Bay Conservation on the horizon

      With the Conservation Partnership, restoration of Punaho'olapa Marsh, coastal and wetland vegetation, predator control and education of guests and golfers, this place could be magnificent beyond anyone's dreams.....Please help make that the reality by continuing to share this petition. Mahalo
      Rare Black Footed Albatross flying around Kahuku Point January 25th 2014. Potentially, this area could be a nesting area for this ICUN "vulnerable" species as well as shearwaters, other albatross species and other seabirds.
      Welcome little Kuilima! Critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal at Turtle Bay Resort.

    4. Reached 10,000 signatures
    5. Conservation in Perpetuity amost there.

      The Governor of Hawaii has allocated $40 million to create a conservation easement (kind of rezoning "conservation" FOREVER) for the undeveloped land at Turtle Bay. Please support this effort by signing and sharing the petition or just sharing if you have signed.. We are 200 short of 10,000 for the Governor's New Year thank you message! Welcome to our neighborhood for a few minutes... relax and enjoy

      Protecting the North Shore of Oahu

      Shot on the North Shore of Oahu. Music is "Late in the Day" kind courtesy of the talented Simon O'Reilly.

    6. Help us either financially or by sharing info.

      Turtle Bay mate. Turtles mating, savvy? Nesting all over the kip mate. What was that you said about buildin on me treasure? You've been in the rum again haven't you? Help 'em out Low on doubloons 'n pearls? Sign and share this filmed here Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

      Click here to support Turtle Bay Endangered Species by Angela Huntemer

      Turtle Bay Endangered Species has spent three years devoted to educating and connecting communities locally and worldwide on t...

    7. Reached 9,000 signatures
    8. bees found - Replay responds to petition - lawsuits on the horizon

      Two species of native bees that are candidates for listing under the Endangered Species Act (Hylaeus anthracinus and H. longiceps) have been found at Turtle Bay. The Draft Supplemental EIS did not include an entomological study.

      Replay Resorts has responded to the petition. It does not address the inaccuracies and inadequacies in its DSEIS. There are more than 7,500 signatures from 40 countries. Let's send them 10,000. This petition has been recognized as an important tool in the multipronged effort to save Turtle Bay.
      Negotiations are underway for the preservation of Turtle Bay by the State of Hawaii and non-profit groups.
      You can help forge commitment for the preservation of Turtle Bay by sharing the petition link with your email contacts and/or Facebook friends. Contact us for a copy of Replay's response to the petition.

      Turtle Bay Endangered Species

      Turtle Bay Endangered Species, Kahuku, HI. 1,075 likes · 35 talking about this. Devoted to educating and connecting the local and worldwide community of people concerned about the endangered, threatened and native species of plants and animals that call Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, home.

    9. Reached 7,000 signatures
    10. Endangered water birds reproduce at Turtle Bay Resort!Headline

      Hawaiian Moorhen, 500 remaining on the planet. This family is in a water hazard of the Fazio Golf Course at Turtle Bay Resort. It's unclear what the Resort's proposed expansion intends to do with these water hazards. US Fish and Wildlife Service have been informed. Good they are reproducing, sad that there are usually 3 or more hatchlings. Lots of uncontrolled dangers at TBR; mongoose, cats, dogs, rats, bullfrogs, speeding golf carts and maintenance workers that have NO idea that these birds (and 3 more species of water birds on the property) are listed under the Endangered Species Act. Neighbor saw a mongoose attacking these moorhens this morning. The Resort has no predator control program to protect the birds, plants seals and turtles here - There is no proposal for developing one in its draft Environmental Impact Statement.!/photo.php?fbid=331154743653702&set=a.331134196989090.1073741833.244613202307

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    11. Reached 6,000 signatures
    12. Steps in the Right Direction

      Almost 5,500 signatures and comments for the Resort and local government.
      Organized a Beach Cleanup at Kahuku Point with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii (1500kg of marine debris) part of the 7km coastline at TBR two weeks ago.
      Showed the CEO from TBR some Ohai trees(sesbania tomentosa) that grow at Kahuku Point. They are on the Endangered Species list but not included in the Environmental Impact Statement. Ooops!?
      Angela Huntemer presented at the Defend Oahu Coalition's Conservation Forum held at Sunset Beach Elementary which was broadcast on Community Television.
      Responding to pressure from the community on all sides (legislature, neighborhood board, Keep the North Shore Country, Defend Oahu Coalition, Sierra Club Hawaii, Surfrider Oahu, Center for Conservation Biology, Life of the Land and others) TBR is negotiating with the State of Hawaii regarding preserving the undeveloped lands at Turtle Bay. Visit the page for more news and photos. Mahalo defenders!

      Turtle Bay Endangered Species

      Devoted to educating and connecting the local and worldwide community of people concerned about the...

    13. Reached 5,000 signatures
    14. 3,500 signatures! please make one last push - comment period until 18th

      One of our articles in the news this week
      Thank you so much for signing and sharing the petition to stop the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu from expanding from its current footprint to a sprawling development over 800 acres of coastal wetland habitat.Your comments have been inspiring. At least 10 species of endangered animals and plants have been documented here, more remain undocumented and undiscovered. People are asking what else they can do to help. When you and your friends signed the petition an email was sent to the three recipients below. However, you can submit more comments and questions.,,
      Provide your home address and phone number. They will not contact you, except by email, but just so they know you are legit.
      Mahalo from ground zero - TB

      Turtle Bay SOS

      Image: L: Nate Yuen; R: Sean Davey Mauka to Makai / The Turtle Bay Resort (TBR), accepting public comments on new development plans in its draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) until Jan. 18, says it wants to enhance and protect the environment. In truth, the SEIS is inadequate and inaccurate with regard to eco-impacts.

    15. Reached 3,000 signatures
    16. 2,500 signatures, Happy New Year!

      Aloha and thank you for your help with this project. On Jan 12th we will be handing a hard copy of this petition, with your comments, to the top executives at the Resort and the Honolulu Department of Planning and Permiting (your signatures and comments have been sent via email as you sign) The prospective developers are not happy about all this unwanted attention. Their fb page is Turtle Bay Resort, visit and see how beautiful it is. Please visit our fb here for an online event where you can quickly and easily invite your friends to sign, articles in the press and pictures.

      Turtle Bay Endangered Species

      Devoted to educating and connecting the local and worldwide community of people concerned about the...

    17. Reached 2,500 signatures
    18. Reached 500 this morning!

      Thank you everyone. Please keep sharing! Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Let's shoot for 5,000 for New Year's Eve. (Hawaii Time - that gives us more time : ) Here is a video of the female monk seal pup born this summer - she is still here and hangs out with her big sister..
      The resort plans to build condos all along the stretch of coastline where the seals feed, play, rest have pups. visit Turtle Bay Endangered Species on FB.

    19. Reached 500 signatures
    20. TBR releases Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

      The public comment period is now until Jan18, 2013. The 1,635 page document devotes less than 10 pages to Hawaiian Monk Seals and Turtles after being directed by the Hawaii Supreme Court in 2010 to specifically address those animals and their presence on the property.


    Reasons for signing

    • Katie Mccathy AUGUSTA, GA
      • 4 days ago

      The oceans are what control everything on this planet including weather& climate, stop destroying it you fools!

    • samuel mccorkle SEATTLE, WA
      • 10 days ago

      Animal populations are dwindling because of human encroachment. People need to start expanding their own population and start focusing on regrowing animal populations that are on the brink of extinction.

    • eleanor glorioso BEAVERTON, OR
      • 10 days ago

      There has been enough expansion and building done already.(especially is a place where space is so precious, and limited) If we keep building soon there will be no wildlife except pictures in books. We share the planet with these most precious and wonderous wildlife. My life would be empty without them. They are what I love. Use the space already used and built on, to expand your building projects.Expand your ability to create with better ideas if you must build. Do not take anymore habitat from the wildlife or we will be living alone with nothing to be in wonderment and love with .There is so much to learn,love and enjoy from life and living things, buildlings are not one of them.End expansion into the habitat of our wildlife.Life is more than $, just think of replacing a body part....can you?can you put a price on your hand? $ never replaces life lost.... ever.I'd rather have my hand, I'd rather have the wildlife not a building expansion for any reason....for any reason at all.

    • Christopher Morgan LAS VEGAS, NV
      • 12 days ago

      Money should not be more important than conservation.

    • Bunny Tikhonski AUSTIN, TX
      • 14 days ago

      this planet inst ours. we weren't here first. so what gives us the right to destroy it? "powerful" people think they can get away with everything they do just to satisfy their power hungry strikes. they're wrong. they cant murder millions of animals just to build stupid buildings. if they're out of space they should just build on what they already have instead of killing more where there needs to be less.


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