Stop Funding Cruel Animal Experiments at UW-Madison
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Stop Funding Cruel Animal Experiments at UW-Madison

    1. Lauren Geldart
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      Lauren Geldart

      North Augusta, SC

For decades, countless cats have been imprisoned, cut into, and killed in cruel and useless "sound localization" experiments at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW).

When PETA learned that UW experimenters took photographs to document this abuse, we demanded that the school release the photos. Knowing that the public would be outraged if the truth came out, UW fought to keep its cruelty a secret for more than three years, but a successful PETA lawsuit compelled the university to release the images. PETA has now obtained dozens of disturbing never-before-seen photographs showing the miserable life and death of a beautiful orange tabby cat named Double Trouble, who was tormented for months in these experiments.

According to records obtained by PETA, Double Trouble was subjected to several invasive surgeries on her eyes, ears, and brain. In the first operation, steel coils were implanted into her eyes and a stainless steel post was screwed into her skull so that her head could be immobilized during experiments. In the next surgery—which is depicted in the photographs—Double Trouble had holes drilled into her skull so that electrodes could be inserted in her brain. Experimenters then applied a toxic substance to her inner ears to deafen her and electrical implants were placed deep inside both of her ears.

Records show that Double Trouble's anesthesia wore off during this surgery and she woke up to what was likely a painful and horrifying experience as experimenters were cutting into her head and skull. Another cat in the same laboratory also woke up in the middle of a similar surgery.

Following the surgeries, Double Trouble was subjected to experimental sessions in which her head was bolted in place and she was restrained in a nylon bag and forced to listen to sounds coming from different directions. Double Trouble was deprived of food for several days before these sessions in order to coerce her into cooperating in exchange for a morsel of food.

Double Trouble's health rapidly deteriorated. Records say that she was observed twitching, which the clinical notes indicate was a "neurological sign." Her face became partially paralyzed and the head wound that experimenters created during surgery also never healed. More than three months after her last surgery, the records describe her wound as "open, moist w/bloody purulent discharge, [with] moderate swelling."

An antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection resulted from Double Trouble's wound, but experimenters still forced her to endure almost two months of this misery. One of the last entries in Double Trouble's records states that she "appear[ed] … depressed." In the end, she was killed and decapitated so that experimenters could cut apart her brain.

Experimenters justified the use of 30 cats per year not by saying that the experiments would lead to improvements in human health but rather by stating that they needed to "keep up a productive publication record that ensures our constant funding."

However, no peer-reviewed papers have been published in any scientific journals as a result of the suffering that Double Trouble endured. Correspondence between UW experimenters and their collaborators acknowledge that there was a problem with Double Trouble's surgery; the experiment was a failure.

This cruel and useless experiment is part of a larger ongoing project that has received more than $3 million in tax money through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with the stated purpose of understanding how the brain determines the location of a sound. But researchers at prestigious institutions around the world are already using modern methods with human volunteers to investigate this question.

PETA has called on federal officials to investigate the life and death of Double Trouble and to take swift disciplinary action against UW–Madison for what appear to be egregious violations of federal animal welfare laws.


Please don't let Double Trouble's sad life and painful death have been in vain! Join my petition and let's put an end to the cruel and UNNECESSARY experiments taking place at UW Madison!!!

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    • Rosa Borisova T.M.R., CANADA
      • 21 days ago

      There is no reason to make the animals suffer,there are many other alternatives and options. It is time we leave the animals alone and free of slavery,use,abuse, sadistic tortures and their murders. The animals have nothing to do with our personal problems and issues, we have many choices but,they have none. They are not criminals but their abusers are! Enough is enough. Now much more,how many more decades people "have" to do "research","experiment" and torture these vulnerable,helpless and innocent beings? Where do you people draw the line of ending these relentless horrors of GREED and EVIL? This total abomination of "humanity" must STOP NOW! We can't no longer make the animals pay such hefty price for our stupidity,ignorance, arrogance, personal issues and problems we create for ourselves in a first place. Enough is ENOUGH! Teaching children to be coldhearted,bloodthirsty sadist, disrespectful of other living being's right to live well, exist free, have dignity,be free of pain, free of suffering and be respected is extremely important for everyone. But teaching them to use,abuse, sadistically torture and murder animals is counterproductive, disrespectful to nature,the animals who did nothing wrong to no one to deserve this and humanity. This is immoral and totally wrong. Just because one can do horrible things to animals it doesn't mean is right nor a good thing to do! Why not teaching children compassion and respect towards every one,regardless the looks, the size, the species(race), the age and the gender? Please STOP these relentless,useless horrors NOW!

    • sheylah marcia dutra BARRA DO QUARAí, BRAZIL
      • 22 days ago


    • Antonia Muller LES CARROZ, FRANCE
      • 23 days ago

      la pire honte humaine

    • Evelyn Pendall SYRACUSE, NY
      • 23 days ago

      Disgraful excuse to get money under these criminal and false pretence! You all a bunch of SICK PHYCOPATHIC DEVILS!!

    • Alex Budd WOXETER, CANADA
      • 24 days ago

      This is important to me because there is no need for these innocent creatures to go through the pain and torture your bringing upon them. They have done nothing to deserve this, the only beings that have done anything to deserve this kind of mistreatment are the one's locked up behind bars. Experiment on them instead. Gag them if you don't want to hear what they have to say to you. We all know that's the only reason you use little animals. They can't talk back and tell you how wrong it is what you're doing or how much pain you're causing them. They can't fight back because they know you're a lot stronger than they are. Stop being the bully. What's the point of anti-bullying days when grown adults don't follow by what they say in those bullying videos. Children aren't the only ones being bullied. The animals are a very large part of the population of bullying victims, murder victims.


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