National Collegiate Trust/American Education Services: Forgive my deceased son's student loan
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National Collegiate Trust/American Education Services: Forgive my deceased son's student loan

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      Ypsilanti, MI

My name is Ella Edwards. My only son, Jermaine Edwards, was a wonderful young man and the light of my life. When he went to college to study music production, I was happy to cosign his student loans -- he dreamt of making a better life for himself and I wanted to help him do that. But then Jermaine died suddenly in 2009 at just 24 years old. That's when First Marblehead Corporation and American Education Services (AES) turned my son's dream into a nightmare for me and the two year old son he left behind.

Jermaine had three student loans when he passed -- two from the federal government, and one private loan. The federal loans were forgiven within a month of his death. But First Marblehead is refusing to forgive the loan.

Jermaine was my only child, and after his death, I was so devastated I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I requested an early retirement from my job, losing much needed retirement benefits. Since my son's death, I have been under doctors care. I am 61 years old and I have been trying to work to make Jermaine's loan payments. I am trying to pay off Jermaine's loan, but I simply don't have the money -- and because of my crushing depression, I am barely able to work at all. To make matters worse, Jermaine left behind a young son whose mother doesn't have many resources. Therefore, she relies on me to help support Jermaine's son.

Nobody told me when i  cosigned the loan that I would be forced to pay them back even if my son died. Jermaine never had an opportunity to use his education and I can't use it either. I need help to get this loan forgiven and to change First Marblehead's and AES' policies to protect students and parents after the death of a student.

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    • maureen absten LEWIS CENTER, OH
      • 5 days ago

      Let some over wealthy walstreet thief cover this bill.

    • Jane Muth ORLANDO, FL
      • 8 days ago

      This is awful trying to collect on a debt from a deceased student . I would think something like this would be forgiven since the person is not able to use the education he obtained from these loans to pay them back due to being dead!

      • 12 days ago

      First Marblehead / American Education Services, please quit doing this to parents. Tell them the truth about the loans, and stop persecuting parents of dead children.

    • erica miller TEANECK, NJ
      • 23 days ago

      I have a loan with AES and they are ruthless.

    • Gerry Pinion STILLWATER, OK
      • 26 days ago

      The student loan crooks will not ever accept my disability as my inability to finish paying off my student loans. My total at graduation was $44,000, I paid it do to only $14,000 that I still owed. After many many surgeries I finally had to quit teaching. The state of KS recognized my problems as well as Social Security. The student loan people do not accept any of my many many letters identifying my disabilities. Now the only money I live on is my disability and 15% of my disability is being taken out of my monthly check to pay on my is so disgraceful and sickening. Can anyone help me as now they say I now owe approximately $36,000...that is an additional $22,000. They do not accept any deferment or anything.....HELP!


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