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Mr. Ed Woodward ,Chief Executive Manchester United FC: Establish A Womens Football Team at Man.United FC
  • Petitioning Stephanie Toman

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Stephanie Toman
Chair of English FA
Greg Dyke
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Heather Rabatt
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Rio Ferdinand
MP, Sport and Equalities Minister
Helen Grant
co chair Man Utd
Avram Glazier
co -chair Man Utd
Joel Glazier
Chief Executive of Manchester United Football Club, Old Trafford
Mr. Ed Woodward,
Commercial Management Director
Richard Arnold
Deputising Manager
Ryan Giggs

Mr. Ed Woodward ,Chief Executive Manchester United FC: Establish A Womens Football Team at Man.United FC

    1. Graham Pheby
    2. Petition by

      Graham Pheby

      Manchester, United Kingdom


Manchester United took over a womens team in 2000.The team had previously been around as the 'Corinthians ' for 20 years. Then in 2005,two months after the Glazer family became 'owners' the women's team were dumped on the official grounds that they were "not part of the core business". Females who support, who go to games and buy from United shops all over the world ARE part of the core business.

Manchester United FC are conspicuously absent from the fast developing phenomenon of women's football.  Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Man City ,in fact all Premiership teams with the SOLE exception of Man.Utd. have a women's team with many of them in the Women's Super League. Now FC United of Manchester who formed their own club when the new owners took over - even with their limited resources, have a women's team! As a lifelong Manchester United fan I think it's time we have a women's team. We are no longer in the 1970's.

The Manchester United brand has the largest female fan base in the UK and worldwide and women's/girls' football is the fastest growing sport worldwide. The establishment of a Man. United women's team would make a positive contribution to raising the profile and kudos of female participation worldwide.

We dont expect less from our club than to equal Liverpool FC.s 'one club same opportunities' policy. Manchester City have given their womens team their own ground.

The longer United delay the more searching the questions why. Is this a purposefully sexist policy?  Is it a question of funding:that would be hard to believe.

We call on the FA to legislate that every premier club must sponsor a womens team or not be part of the premiership. The FA sponsor anti racist and respect campaigns. Females are 51% of the population -what about an anit sexist campaign?

If this is what it looks like: a corporate sexist policy - then it tarnishes the brand of Manchester United, English football and our City and the sooner it is rectified  the better. To date those in control have ignored our quiet diplomatic approach and all communication . One reply to an MP three months after Mr.Moyes was written to talked of a review but since then they do not respond to any communication. We will not go away. We will take every opportunity to step up the campaign. We want change. 

Please sign this petition and share on Facebook, Twitter, and with your email contacts.Many thanks.

Recent signatures


    1. Moyes sacked

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      Mr. David Moyes has been sacked this Tuesday morning following 'rumours' emanating from the Club yesterday. This doesn't alter our petition to establish a women's team at Old Trafford. No matter who is the manager, that decision will be finally made by Ed Woodward and the Glazers. We hope they will see that the establishment of a women's team is beneficial in the only way which concerns them- financially. As news that Manchester United are the only premier team without a women's team becomes common knowledge, its overtly sexist policy may set in motion a hostile reaction from their huge female fan base and also from principled male supporters turned off by the miserly approach of an organisation more concerned with money than football and values. We'll keep going. Send a link to your friends. http://chronicle.com/blognetwork/tenuredradical/files/2013/04/Sexist.jpg

    2. We ask support from the English FA & the Govt.Minister for Sport & Equality

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      Hi! 4000+ signatures thanks to you. MPs Barbara Keeley and John Leech are writing for an update on any review. We are also asking for the support of the English F.A.Their website boasts an equality section under" Governance"! We hope the FA will agree that remaining the only club in the Premiership without a women's team, after dumping our women's team in 2005, is perceived as a corporate sexist policy statement which is no longer acceptable in the top rank of English football or as an image of our club and city. We hope the chairman, Mr. Greg Dyke, and Rio Ferdinand an FA Commission member will support. We are also hoping Heather Rabbatt the FA board member, a champion of diversity and equality, and also the new Sports and Equalities Minister Helen Grant will be engaged by this issue. We need your help one more time to tweet and put our contact on facebook: http://change.org/manuwomen" The best help: Please ask just one person to sign the petition. Best wishes for the New Year x

      Mr. David Moyes, Manager of Manchester United Football Club: Establish A Womens Football Team at Man.United FC

      I am a lifelong Manchester United fan and I think it's time they had a women's team. Manchester United FC are conspicuously absent from the fast...

    3. Reached 4,000 signatures
    4. Latest News

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      Following support from political reporter Dan Hewitt at ITV News Granada and the efforts of our two Members of Parliament, Barbara Keeley and John Leech, Mr. Moyes has responded to their letters to say the club is reviewing the case for a women's team. It is clear that Mr Moyes supports the establishment. It is now up to those who control the purse strings. Our petitioners' position remains the same. We find it incredible that Manchester United is the only Premiership team with no women's team and our petition will continue until our club adopt the same 'one club same opportunities' policy equal to Liverpool FC and bring real meaning to the Man Utd.'s boast on its website that they have an equal opportunities policy. Latest news http://tiny.cc/k9h14w
      Also read Mike Keegan's piece in Manchester Evening News http://tiny.cc/sml14w

      Man United to consider re-launching a women's team

      Manchester United Women's Team Debate Manchester United boss David Moyes has revealed the club is reviewing its decision to disband its women's team. In 2005 the club scrapped it's ladies side to concentrate funds on youth development. There is an Under-18's training academy for young female players at Old Trafford.

    5. John Leech MP receives a reply from United to his letter of July!

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      David Moyes reply to John Leech MP,“These matters are looked at from time to time and I understand the club is reviewing this again..the Club will evaluate the findings and make a decision.” Mr. Moyes writes of his support for Everton Women's team and, until recently, his daughter played football for Preston North End teams for many years.It appears that Mr Moyes is onside. Also it appears, that he thinks they already coach girls to 18yrs when in fact it is to 16:the oldest team is under 17.Our position is that thanks to you petitioners,John Leech MP, Barbara Keeley MP and Dan Hewitt's piece on ITV News, a review is welcome.Question remains now-will the owners rescue the Club from a snowballing decline into PR disaster territory and long term tarnishing? Comparisons are already being made between Liverpool FC's ,'one club same opportunities policy,' and Man. United's appearance as,'the only club in the Premiership epitomising sexism in sport'.
      Well done you guys. Ask a friend to sign!

    6. Our petition makes ITV news-

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      Here is the ITV News link http://tiny.cc/2qvr3w
      Please send the link to your friends and ask them to sign our petition.As a supporter, its sad to say my club's attitude is being seen in terms of a sexist gender equality issue and a miserly one at that. Please send the link and the petition to a friend(s). We can make a difference !

      Why does Manchester United not have a women's team? | Granada - ITV News

      Read the latest Granada stories, Why does Manchester United not have a women's team? on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest Granada news


      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      Tonight Chelsea's and Arsenal's women's teams have a derby match televised and Liverpool and Everton teams on 12th September on BT Sport 2. We will definitely see a Manchester United and City Women's derby match at some stage in the future. What we are all saying to the Club's decision makers is that the longer we have to wait the more the absence of a United Women's Team will have an adverse effect on the reputation and brand name of Manchester United. It will increasingly look like one of the richest clubs in the world cannot afford to invest in a women's team;that the equal opportunities statement on the Club's website is phoney;that the policy of ignoring women,female fans and football enthusiasts is sexist;and the ignorance of the fastest growing sport when all others are embracing it will appear belonging to a previous age-certainly devoid of vision and awareness. PLEASE INVITE JUST ONE FRIEND TO SIGN AND LETS PUSH THE PETITION PAST 5000 -WE WANT TO SEE A WOMEN'S TEAM AT UNITED

    8. 3000 plus signers for a Man U Womens team.

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      I was concerned that my short petition write up explains only part of the reasons for establishing a Man U. Women's Team -that I'd left out many important reasons. I need not have been concerned. Many of you have commented and have covered all the reasons and more,and more eloquently than I have. You guys have said it all.Good on you.The petition continues to attract signatures.
      An article appeared in the Independent newspaper of an interview with sports TV journalist Jacqui Oakley where she said some of the things you have commented http://tiny.cc/4tsk2w The comments following were illuminating!!
      Please ask a friend or family member to sign.
      Best wishes.

    9. Reached 3,000 signatures
    10. Breaking News Man U's Official Twitter Account

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      Hello Supporters!
      Breaking News Yesterday: Manchester United have just joined twitter. So if you are on Twitter please take this opportunity to welcome them to twitter and ask them about their commitment to starting a women's team.

      Just Click below and a tweet will automatically go thru your account which will say "Welcome to Twitter! We're campaigning for Man U to start a women's team. Don't you think it's about time?

      Thank you for your support. And remember if you are not on Twitter you can still share the petition with friends and family. We just hit 2,000 signers this week and with our story in the Manchester Evening News the campaign is really is picking up pace!

    11. Reached 2,000 signatures
    12. Manchester Evening News questions"Where's United's Women's Team?"

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      Please find link to the article which appeared in the Manchester Evening News (The City's iconic premier newspaper) today 9th July by journalist Alice McKeegan. http://tiny.cc/t4rk2w The headline read Where's United's Women's team? http://tiny.cc/uwrk2w Zara, I was so pleased you were mentioned. Well done you all. It is your interest and action which has attracted the interest of the media. A good step closer. John Leech Manchester Member of Parliament says he will be contacting the club too.
      Lets step up the campaign -ask one friend or family member to sign.
      Good on you all.

    13. Way Forward Now Mr. Moyes Starts Work This Week

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      As Robert has commented on the petition below, Manchester United Women's Team will have tremendous support and the Brand name will enhance the profile of women's football and perhaps have a spin off for female sport in general. Establishing a team is a good investment. Women's football will pay off in the not too distant future in its own gate and TV money etc. It will pay off immediately in the advantages that reputation for equality and putting something back into the game brings for the Club.
      I very much look forward to seeing the women's team play an end of year league match at Old Trafford when they are presented with the WSL trophy.

    14. Reached 1,500 signatures
    15. We have now exceeded 1200 signatures!Great.

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      I must say there are many wonderful comments covering many reasons why a Man U womens team would be very special to many. Not least to Kerry and Gabielle who play for Man U girls teams under 17. And Manchester MP John Leech shares one of my reasons for signing - chance to see another Manchester Derby. Everyone has their own main reason - I see in the womens game what I used to when I first watched the men's game with my dad. There was no shirt pulling,claiming every call, histrionics and bad mouthing the ref and no diving. But I suppose my main motivation is to see a level playing field for males and females and a great enjoyment in football played with enthusiasm. Thanks for your fantastic support.

    16. Reached 1,000 signatures
    17. Today we have exceeded 400 signatures.Many thanks

      Graham Pheby
      Petition organiser

      The captain of the Afghanistan Women's National Team was one of the first people to sign. She comments that she was inspired by Man U as a fan. I would like to take this opportunity to say to Zahra that she inspires many of us who know the history of football in Afghanistan which was banned for men and women under the Taliban regime - and the prospect for women's football and women's rights in Afghanistan may soon be in the balance again.Today the English National Women's Team has been selected for the European competition in Sweden in July. Here is the team selection http://www.thefa.com/england/womens-seniors/News/2013/euro-2013-finals-squad-announcement-sweden-hope-powell.aspx Lets hope that next time they enter a European competition they will name some players who play for Man U's Womens team. Thank you so much for your support. I will keep you updated

      Hope Powell names her 23 players for UEFA Women's Euro 2013

      National Coach Hope Powell announces her 23 players for Sweden 2013 Hope Powell has named her England squad for next month's UEFA Women's Euro 2013 Finals in Sweden. The National Coach has selected an experienced group of 23 with only two uncapped players, Liverpool duo Gemma Bonner and Lucy Bronze.

    18. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 1 day ago

      I played for Manchester United from a young age so did my sister. She was lucky enough to be part of the women's team before it got dropped. I played for man united till I was 18 where I had to find another team as I could no longer play with them. I had the best years of my life playing for Manchester United and all the coaches and managers made me progress so much and I was made to feel very welcome. I wish my time there carried on but unfortunately due to the cut of the women's team it didn't. I hope to see it back up and running soon I think this team would be very successful!!!

      • 4 days ago

      If City and Arsenal can have a women's team then we should too, it's hardly like we don't have the money.

    • Carol Gladwell RHYL, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 4 days ago

      Because it is a serious omission, not worthy of the club I have loved for 50 plus years.

      • 19 days ago

      We need a successful laidies team to compete and win trophies against rivals it will be good for the club also opportunities for laidies and will bring in revenue to the club (BIG PLUS) surprised at United lagging behind meant to be the trailblazers of modern football shame on you!

    • Claire Louise O'Halloran ROCHDALE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      I love Manchester United Football Club and I need to see that it values men and women equally.

      I feel disrespected and disappointed as a woman. I have supported this club since being a little girl, and Manchester United should include all races, all creeds, all ages and both genders.

      I struggle to digest that the club would not value the women's sport. Is the club saying it is a waste of time and money to support women playing professional football for Manchester United? This makes myself and other women question if it is a waste of our time and money to support a club that doesn't value us on the basis of our gender?

      Please reconsider, please reintroduce a Manchester United Women's Club.

      Sincerely, a lifelong fan, Claire Louise O'Halloran.


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