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Ministry of petroleum - govt. of India

Prohibition of use of LPG for PNG users in Delhi

    1. Petition by

      Subodh Jain

      Delhi, India

The recent letter issued by Indraprastha Gas limited to all users of Piped Natural Gas users in Delhi to surrender their LPG gas connection.
I would like to state here that this is totally unreasonable by the Min. of petroleum to prohibit the piped gas users from use of LPG.
since the piped natural gas is not available in the entire country and if anyone availing the facility of pipe gas changes his residence/ work place/ change of city where the piped gas is not available, one shall have to book a new connection and as such shall have to use alternative cooking medium till one gets a new connection which may take several months.
I represented my grievance to MRTP around two months back but there is no response from them.
Hence in every consumer's interest, I am starting this petition and appeal to all to sign the petition to force the Min. of Petroleum to withdraw the notification.

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