Ministers of the Swedish Government: Kick Monsanto out of Sweden
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Minister of Rural Affairs
Eskil Erlandsson
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Madeleine van der Veer
Minister for the Environment
Lena Ek
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Erik Bratthall

Ministers of the Swedish Government: Kick Monsanto out of Sweden

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      March Against Monsanto Sweden

We do not want Monsanto here in Sweden.

We don’t want our food to be genetically modified.
We don't want our seeds, vegetables and fruit to be genetically modified.
We don’t want the cows, chicken and fish that we eat being fed on genetically modified food.

Why don't we want genetically modified food/products?

The issue is not whether Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) will affect human health or not - the question is rather to what extent it will affect us.  A number of studies on animals are showing clear evidence that genetically modified organisms cause allergies, liver problems, sterility and even death. The truth is thus; we as human beings are being guinea pigs of products that are having severe effects on our health and we simply can not accept that.

We also cannot accept that a privately owned company whose prime objective is to make profit for its share holders gets to jeopardize the health of both the planet and its population. We want to stop Monsanto.

Eskil Erlandsson and Lena Ek, we know that you as Ministers of the Swedish Government can be brave enough to take your responsibility and once and for all ban Monsanto from Sweden!

This is why Monsanto needs to be banned:

1. Monsanto genetically modifies crops without seriously having studied the effects of such alteration of life. 
We don't want to eat food that has been genetically altered.

2. Monsanto has obtained patent on many crops and seek to obtain patent on many more. 
We strongly oppose that anyone, company or individual, can claim ownership of something that is a common resource sprung from the planet that we live on.

3. In Sweden, there have been test plantations of GMOs during several years. Monsanto is one of the companies behind these tests. 
We demand that these tests are stopped and that Monsanto is prohibited to perform such operations in Sweden.

4. Monsanto claims that its genetically modified crops are kept under control - but now wild-living GMO plants have been found in many places. 
We don’t want genetically modified plants on the loose in our ecosystems.

5. Monsanto prevents farmers from saving seeds from one year to another - and sue farmers if they plant seeds from last years harvest. Monsanto also have a track record of suing farmers because of cross pollination. It means that if a field of non-GMO crops has been contaminated with Monsanto produced seeds from another field - Monsanto sues the farmer for unlawfully growing patented crops. 
We support farmers right to preserve seeds and to resist Monsanto’s corporate oppression.

6. Monsanto has heavily marketed its seeds in developing countries as “miracle seeds” and the company sells these more expensive seeds along with fertilizers and pesticides. These seeds and products cost the farmers much more than they can afford, which forces them to borrow money from banks or money lenders. 
However - the crops from genetically modified seeds get destroyed by pests and weather conditions as often as natural, non-modified, seeds. The consequence has been that in for example India, thousands of farmers have committed suicide the 
past years because of the debt trap they get into when having to buy the seeds, pesticides and herbicides from Monsanto or their affiliate companies. 
Monsanto needs to take its responsibility and acknowledge the connection between the company's marketing strategy and the detrimental effect it has on human beings in developing countries.

7. Most Monsanto crops are designed to be resistant to Round-Up, a weed defeating herbicide. Round-Up does not only destroy weeds but also microorganisms in the soil which are essential for the ecosystem. 
We want nature to be non-artificial. GMO mono farming destroys biodiversity.

8. Albert Einstein, famously said that "if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live". The bee populations around the world are currently dying in unprecedented proportions. It is generally suspected that this has to do with the ever increasing use of pesticides (such as the Monsanto flag-ship product Round-Up). The EU has just banned the use of neonicotinoids, which is a major step forward to help the bees recover - but the rest of world needs to follow. 
We believe that the bees are crucial in the inter-connected cycle of ecosystems. We will not stand quietly and watch the the obvious destruction of life forms on this planet.

9. Monsanto claims that GMO-crops is the answer to world hunger and the growing population. 
We firmly oppose that GMO is the right way to eliminate world hunger. Sustainable eco farming can deliver high yields without jeopardizing human health and the the planet’s ecosystems.


Let's stand together and take back our food - one country at a time.
Sign this petition!


Welcome to join the next manifestation against Monsanto and GMOs that happens in Stockholm and in many other cities around the world on World Food Day October 12.
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      We are soon approaching 10 000 signatures and we want to take the opportunity to thank all of you that have signed and spread this petition.
      We will let the petition be up and alive until the end of the summer. Then we will deliver it to the ministers in charge.

      So keep helping the momentum - together we ARE the change!

      Warmly and gratefully,

      The March Against Monsanto Sweden organizer group

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      Thanks to all of you signing this petiton we have now gotten more than 5000 signatures. That is an amazing response in only 6 days.

      Now, let's make this petition reach even further. We have raised the goal to 10 000 signatures. Please help to spread it by posting on your facebook wall and in relevant groups as well as emailing your friends about it.

      Every time someone signs the petition an email gets sent to both the ministers that we are petitioning as well as their press secretaries. Let's keep sending them the clear message that we no longer are willing to accept a company like Monsanto.

      You rock!

      Warmly and gratefully,
      The March Against Monsanto Sweden organizer group

      "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
      Margaret Mead

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    Reasons for signing

    • Lisbeth Johansson HELSINKI, FINLAND
      • 8 months ago

      Säg NEJ till slaveriet!

    • Lisbeth Johansson HELSINKI, FINLAND
      • 8 months ago

      123.000 indiska bönder har begått självmord, sedan de förslavats av Monsanto.

    • Lisbeth Johansson HELSINKI, FINLAND
      • 8 months ago

      Monsantos gifter dödar alla bin. De har skapat nya bin som inte kan göra honung. Vad de nya binen kostar har jag ingen aning om? Albert Einstein sa: dödar vi alla våra bin så lever vi endast 3 år till på jorden.

    • Lisbeth Johansson HELSINKI, FINLAND
      • 8 months ago

      Vi behöver inte två ekosystem. Vi har ett unikt ekosystem, varför skulle vi betala för ett nytt och sämre ekosystem som ägs av Monsanto.

    • Lisbeth Johansson HELSINKI, FINLAND
      • 8 months ago

      We don´t need two ecosystems. One uniq and an other we have to pay for!


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