Licence to kill? To the Government: Bring in Animal Abuser Registry legislation now
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Licence to kill? To the Government: Bring in Animal Abuser Registry legislation now

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      Campaign for an Animal Abuser Registry


Licence to kill? It’s a fact that animal abusers often abuse children and vulnerable adults.   It’s a fact that many mass murderers start by torturing and killing animals.   Shockingly, it’s also a fact that animal abusers aren’t kept track of on any national database, even in the worst cruelty cases when they’ve been convicted and banned by a court from keeping animals for life.  This means it’s much easier for them to offend again without being caught.   Please help.  We need an Animal Abuser Registry,  to monitor these violent offenders and help prevent them harming and killing animals and human victims. 


Right now in this country we have an alarming rise in cases of violence against animals and vulnerable human victims.  Last year over 130,000 animals were rescued from cruelty, not counting those cruelly killed and undetected cases,  almost one in 80 children under the age of 11 were found to have experienced severe physical violence during childhood from adults, and  an estimated 4 million women suffered domestic abuse, according to the RSPCA, NSPCC and government figures.  Also last year, the psychopath  Stephen Farrow murdered twice – one of his victims daughter pleaded for better monitoring of dangerous offenders, as have the families of many other victims.  Farrow tortured and killed animals before graduating to human victims.  So did Ian Brady, Thomas Hamilton,Raoul Moat, Robert Thompson, Ian Huntley and other murderers .


 We badly need an Animal Abuser Registry, so that  the authorities can identify and keep track of these dangerous offenders nationwide, and stop their violence against animals, children, and vulnerable adults.  Animal abusers would have to register and update their details annually, or face tough penalties.   Those details would go to local authorities, protection agencies, refuges, animal sales outlets and other authorised parties nationwide.  Animal Abuser Registries have already been set up in the USA.  We already have a Sex Offender Register.   A UK  Animal Abuser Registry is an easily achieveable measure which is long overdue. 


We need to take action now,  to plug this loophole in our criminal justice system. Please ask the Home Secretary and the Lord Chancellor for legislation for the Animal Abuser Registry now, with  tough penalties for offenders who break their reporting conditions.


Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary
Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice
Bring forward legislation for an Animal Abuser Registry now

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    • Deb Clark AUSTRALIA
      • 2 days ago

      We need no cruelty in any form in this world...

    • Heather Elsom CALGARY, CANADA
      • 2 days ago

      Having an Animal Abuse Registry would help protect our animals

      • 3 days ago

      Why wouldn't this be important to me?

    • Carl Milson KILWORTHY, CANADA
      • 3 days ago

      Paws for the News

    • Asha Martins PORTUGAL
      • 3 days ago

      Life is precious and must be treated with kindness, compassion and dignity.


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