Let’s Work Together to Fix Medicare!
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Let’s Work Together to Fix Medicare!

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Congress has been passing temporary patches to the Medicare sustainable growth rate (SGR) for 16 years. This formula, based on economic growth, dictates Medicare physician payment rates – and the time has come to pass a permanent solution.

The American Medical Association is teaming up with more than 100 other medical organizations to send a list of recommendations to Congress. The goal? To eliminate the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula and provide long-term Medicare reforms aimed at improving the quality of patient care while lowering costs. 

The time has come for Congress to acknowledge there is NOTHING sustainable about the SGR. The cost rises every time they pass another short-term patch—and this year marks the 16-year anniversary of this "short-term" approach without a long-term solution. 

Send a message to Congress: Physicians and patients have had enough "short-term" Medicare patches. It's time to work together for a long-term solution and solve this problem once and for all!

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    • Karen Jones MANCHESTER, NH
      • about 1 month ago

      The way things are going doctors won't be able to afford to see medicare patients. As it is many doctors can't accept Medicare; Medicare patients will loose access to more doctors.

    • Kristin Post MCKINNEY, TX
      • 9 months ago

      I am on Medicare and this effects me.

    • Murleen Kiser GREENEVILLE, TN
      • 12 months ago

      My fiancée who is a TBI survivor has medicare and it is just not enough. The program seems to be getting smaller day by day. More and more doctors are not willing to be helpful to the patients with Medicare. These people have earned this and they should be treated kindly not thrown away like a piece of paper filed away to be shuffled to the back and then let slip through the cracks.

      • 12 months ago

      Because access to a medical doctor is better than an empty promise of health care for all.

    • Dan Pankowsky, MD FRANKLIN, TN
      • about 1 year ago

      The name of this plan is so Orwellian. There is nothing sustainable about it and it inhibits growth. Doctors are getting squeezed so hard that we are actually getting driven out of business. This will make the independent doctor, the one that is free to select the best treatment for his/her patients a thing of the past. Doctors will be employed by hospital networks and then they will not be free to evaluate all possible treatments. Patients will only be offered treatments that are in the network and probably at higher cost.


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