Lands’ End, American Girl Doll, and Restoration Hardware: Make fewer, greener, and smaller catalogs!
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Edgar Huber
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Jean McKenzie
CEO of Restoration Hardware
Carlos Alberini

Lands’ End, American Girl Doll, and Restoration Hardware: Make fewer, greener, and smaller catalogs!

    1. Park School Paper Club
    2. Petition by

      Park School Paper Club

      Brookline, MA

Did you get too many unwanted sales catalogs in 2012? Help us convince three catalog companies to make fewer, greener, and smaller catalogs in 2013!

We are a group of fourth and fifth grader kids from The Park School in Massachusetts who want to help the environment. Isabel says, “Greener catalogs = a cleaner earth!” Each year we have a Catalog Canceling Challenge to cancel unwanted catalogs. Our school canceled 4,681 last November! We do this because unwanted catalogs waste trees, water, and energy. They also cause pollution. Do you know how many catalogs are made every second? 600! Only 2% are used! Colin asks, “Can catalog companies help by making fewer, greener, and smaller catalogs?”

FEWER - Dear Lands’ End, Caroline thinks more people could shop online instead of searching through a paper catalog. Then they don’t have to worry about recycling them or even worse throwing them away! Why don’t more shoppers go online? It’s faster. Catalogs waste money too because in peoples’ everyday taxes and bills, they pay for their town’s trash removal! Lands’ End, give people a choice! Do you need to send out over 100 million per year? Emma says, “Less catalogs = more trees and smiles!” Fewer catalogs please.

GREENER - Dear American Girl Doll, a smart way to be more environmentally friendly is to have green paper. That means 100% recycled content, or at least 30%! Sarah, Sami, and Sydney are proud of you for having 10%, but more wouldn’t hurt. Or if you use wood to make paper, make sure it’s from “sustainably harvested” trees. L.L. Bean is good at this. Kids like your dolls, but you send out basically the same catalog each month. Vikrum asks, “Could you be more like the Lego catalog that only sends two per year?” You’ll make us proud and aware with this leadership! Fewer catalogs and using only recycled paper would be best!

SMALLER - Dear Restoration Hardware, another green idea is to use thinner paper and have smaller catalogs. The font will definitely help these catalogs be smaller because if you have big fonts and pictures then you need to pack things in the catalog, the catalog is big itself, and uses more resources. This is why smaller and thinner catalogs are important to make instead of big, thick catalogs. “Your catalog is 992 pages!!!” Abby and her dad scream! What a waste! Making catalogs smaller would be best!

EVEN SMALLER! - Lands’ End, American Girl Doll, and Restoration Hardware, our last and best idea is, as Aria says, “Instead of sending out whole catalogs, just send a small flyer that could say your website on it.” It could also have an “opt-in” postcard with a box to check “yes” if they actually want a catalog. Give them a choice. Aria continues,”You will make kids and parents happy by going green!” These ideas will get people to shop at your store and help the planet.

Zoe and Ambrey want you to know, “The three R’s go in order from best to worst. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. We can always recycle our catalogs, but we should do better. We cannot reuse catalogs in a sufficient way, so that doesn't work. Let’s REDUCE the nineteen billion catalogs mailed out each year.” Abby adds, “Help our planet, help the lives of others, and help your own children and grandchildren!” Let’s save natural resources! Priya says,”You are a leader, be green!” Charlotte states, “Only you can slow these catalogs from coming.” Make fewer, greener, and smaller catalogs...PLEASE!!!

Edgar Huber, CEO and President of Lands' End
Jean McKenzie, President of American Girl
Carlos Alberini, CEO of Restoration Hardware
Please make fewer, greener, and smaller sales catalogs. I sign in support of The Park School Paper Club's petition to help save natural resources and the environment by reducing unwanted catalog waste.

[Your name]

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    1. Reached 8,000 signatures
    2. We're in touch with Alicia Keys!! We can use her song!!

      Park School Paper Club
      Petition organiser

      We got in touch with Alicia Keys manager!! She's amazing. Thank you Ceci!! Alicia has given us permission to use "Girl On Fire" in this YouTube video!! We can't believe we got in touch!! And that Alicia likes our project!! Still pinching ourselves.

      6 minute version -

      2 minute version - Catalog Petition - 6 minute version

      The Park School's "Paper Club" has started a petition at and made this video to help rally signatures. Support our cause.

    3. Boston Bruins captain Andrew Ference cheers us on!

      Park School Paper Club
      Petition organiser

      Alternate captain for the Boston Bruins, Andrew Ference, Tweeted about our catalog canceling kids and their spot on the WCVB News last week:

      "Good job Park kids! Kids helping to cancel catalogues "

    4. Alicia Keys?

      Park School Paper Club
      Petition organiser

      Does anyone know how to get in touch with Alicia Keys? We made new version of her song "Girl on Fire"! We want to use her song in our video, too.

    5. Students Respond to Lands' End Email

      Park School Paper Club
      Petition organiser

      Dear Mr. Huber and Lands' End,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to email us back about our petition. We like you and your clothing, but you may get more customers if you were even more green with your catalogs!

      We also like the app you created to get the catalogs on your phone, the one problem is you need to spread the word, and we can help you if you agree to do some of our ideas!

      We really love that Lands’ End has small catalogs and we encourage you to keep doing that. We also like that you have 10% recycled paper content. That is great, but a higher amount of recycled paper still wouldn’t

      We have other ideas that are in our petition that we hope you like and would use for your company and catalogs. We would appreciate it if you consider our thoughts and help save our planet in all these ways. You will be a leader to all other catalog companies if you would do this!

      Best regards ,
      Priya, Abby, Aria

    6. Reached 4,000 signatures
    7. Lands' End CEO Emails Us!

      Park School Paper Club
      Petition organiser

      It was very kind of the Lands' End CEO, Edgar Huber, to email us so quickly with the note below. They've made some green strides, as he mentions, but we're hoping they'll consider more! Our Club response is almost done and we will email him tomorrow and post it here, too.
      Park School Catalog Cancelling Club:

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We always welcome customer concerns, and Lands’ End is committed to making a conscious effort to create more sustainable ways for consumers to shop.

      In 2004, we began an initiative to reduce overall US catalog paper consumption by more than 50% by sending smaller catalogs to better defined customer segments based on customer preferences.

      ... (I can't fit the whole email in here)...

      While these examples are just a few of the many things we are doing at Lands’ End, you can learn more about our efforts to reduce the impact on the environment at

      Edgar Huber
      CEO & President, Lands’ End

    8. Reached 3,000 signatures

      Park School Paper Club
      Petition organiser

      We now own which is a forwarding link to this webpage! Pass on this new link to others, it's lots easier to remember!

    10. Decision-maker Edgar Huber responds:

      Edgar Huber

      What wPark School Catalog Cancelling Club:

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We always welcome customer concerns, and Lands’ End is committed to making a conscious effort to create more sustainable ways for consumers to shop.

      In 200...

    11. Our Alicia Keys song!

      Park School Paper Club
      Petition organiser

      (Sung to the "Girl on Fire" Tune)

      These catalogs are problems!
      These catalogs are problems!
      They’re bad for our planet!
      They’re not green at all!

      So sign our petition!!!!
      Some are 900 pages!
      That is Restoration hardware!

      Lands’ End sends out too many,
      100 million a year.
      American Girl might listen,
      because they like kids.

      Don’t just sit there,
      stand up and help.
      So sign our petition!!!!
      To get rid of unwanted catalogs!!

      Oh oh oh oh ohhhhh oh oh
      oh oh oh oh oh yea ee yea!

    12. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Katie Mccathy AUGUSTA, GA
      • 2 days ago

      keep in mind the high demand for eco products&how much you would have to replace every few years that's my only thing.

    • cynthia gubish BRONX, NY
      • 19 days ago

      we cannot afford to be wasteful of one of our most precious resources.... trees!!! I alost always put any catalogs I receive straight into the recycling bin. they should not be sent out from a default mailing list. inly by request if at all. everyone is on line. send an email!!

    • Mary Kirmo SHERMAN OAKS, CA
      • 20 days ago
    • Kerri Donovan QUINCY, MA
      • about 1 month ago

      Our children's future!

    • Matthew Pierce MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • about 1 month ago

      It is blatantly wasteful


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